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Advice For Pros · August 17, 2021 · AUTHOR: Richard Tate

How to Market Yourself as a Brand New Real Estate Agent 

Starting out as a real estate agent can be extremely difficult and overwhelming. You may have no sphere of influence, no network, and no knowledge or experience on how to market yourself as a brand new real estate agent. What are the first steps you can take towards marketing yourself? 

Firstly, you need to be able to answer one specific question as a brand new agent, which can be difficult but CAN be done. 

“Why should a buyer/seller want to work with YOU versus another agent?”

You have to be able to answer that question. What exactly makes you different and unique from other agents? What are you going to do differently with marketing, branding, and social media? If you cannot answer that, then head back to the drawing board and take a step back and find that uniqueness that separates you from others. 

Knowledge is power. Know your market stats. If you speak with confidence and know your market stats, and know the answers to your client’s questions without hesitation, clients will not think to ask, how long have you been in real estate? 

So study your market stats. You don’t need to memorize every single number, but you need to have a general idea. Speak confidently and give thorough answers to show the value of your knowledge as an agent and the fact that you are a newer agent may never even come up because of your expertise.

Build, grow, and attract your clients through social media. Actively using social media is a great way to build your brand and establish your brand. There are various ways to build your brand through social media using Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, and Tiktok. Actively leveraging social media will allow people to search for you, allow people to find you organically, and give them a good impression that you are leveraging social media through modern strategies. This will allow you not only to differentiate yourself from others but also attract many clients with almost no budget.

Social media can be a double edged sword though. Everything you post is a reflection of you and your brand, so many opt to have a professional social media presence that is separate from their personal one.

Lastly is articulating your strategies through social media. When networking, instead of saying you are a realtor and sell real estate, explain that you find creative and innovative social media strategies to get exposure in real estate. 

Being able to clearly define the newer ways gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from other agents that are all doing the same thing. There are tons of different ways to market yourself as a newer real estate agent and you don’t have to feel self-conscious about being a newer agent. If you can channel that information into specific things that can show that knowledge and demonstrate the value that you can provide for your clients, it will really help you gain momentum.

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