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Advice For Pros · April 09, 2019 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

How to Start a Real Estate Blog

If you are a newbie or aspiring realtor, establishing yourself as an expert in the minds of your audience is necessary to build credibility. One way to showcase your real estate acumen and build a positive reputation is to start a blog and give useful and important information to your readers. However, starting a real estate blog and making it popular among readers and search engines is not an easy job. Here is a complete guide on how to start your real estate blog. Find the right hosting platform There are many hosting sites that can be used to host your Wordpress blogging platform at a cheap price. Be sure to choose a host site that is optimized for viewing on mobile devices so that it’s always accessible and to your audiences and loads quickly on all mobile devices. Start your search for blog host on Google and choose a company after examining its pros and cons. If you already have a website, it is easy to add a new page for your blogs on your domain. Identify your audience Consider your expertise as a realtor when identifying your audience. The more of a niche you carve out for yourself, the more unique your blog will be. If your target group of customers is Millennials looking for homes in your area, you need to create content that is useful for them. If you specialize in selling homes, you should focus upon homeowners who are interested in selling their homes in the near future. Brainstorm topics You cannot write blogs randomly with whatever comes to your mind. Create a content strategy with a schedule, and stick to it. Be consistent with your blog and post at least 2-3 blogs per week. Take your time before creating content and look at other popular real estate blogs to know what type of content will be interesting and useful for your readers, but be sure you make your own content stand out. Do not forget SEO SEO is very important for your real estate blog to boost its visibility and popularity in your chosen niche. Insert keywords related to your topic in the title, headings, and content but do not overstuff these keywords. Include beautiful images to make your blogs more interesting for readers. Share your blog on realty websites and on your social media accounts. Place a share button on the blog to allow readers to share it with their friends. The more you promote your blog, the higher are its chances of reaching to a larger number of readers.

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