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Advice For Pros · January 23, 2018 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

How To Use CRM To Grow Your Real Estate Business

The business of real estate is all about the customers, so it makes sense that customer relationship management has always been very important for real estate agents like you! CRM systems have come a long way, from a bulky Rolodex to sleek and organized software tools to make it easier than ever to identify real estate leads and stay in touch with contacts. There are many wonderful CRM options available today that can be customized to perfectly match your requirements.

Why you need a CRM as a real estate agent

The way that you, as a realtor, nurture your relationships with customers and prospects will decide your level of success. The ability to multiply customers and make more money from them is directly related to the quality and frequency of your follow-up. A good quality CRM program makes it possible for you to manage all your past and present customers in a very organized and efficient manner. Three most important functions served by a CRM are:

  • It helps you in serving your customers with high degree of excellence
  • It helps in your sales and marketing efforts to bring in new customers
  • It serves as a wonderful database to have information on your fingertips

By customizing a CRM, you can make it even more powerful – to the point where it is basically your virtual assistant!

Here are some of the ways that CRM software is crucial to your real estate business:

  • In the form of software, you can keep your CRM in your tablet or smartphone to easily get access to any info or data about a particular customer any time you so desire – a vital requirement in the on-the-go nature of real estate!
  • CRM allows for automation that proves invaluable for your work as a real estate agent, not only as a time saver, but also by automating your work schedule so that you never miss a deadline.
  • CRM in your pocket means you will never need to sift through your emails or text messages to catch conversations with clients or track down documents, nor will you need to rummage through files and folders to find that elusive document critical for closing a deal.

When used to its full potential, CRM becomes your go-to repository for all your documents and conversations with clients.

CRM improves your efficiency and therefore your productivity

Many real estate agents believe spending money on CRM is extravagance, as they can manage their customers by using other tools and gadgets. However, if you look at the functions and capabilities of a good quality CRM system, it becomes obvious that by converting new prospects into paid deals, this software pays for itself, quickly! Your success using CRM depends entirely on how you use it – become an efficient user of this valuable tool, and you become a more efficient (and profitable!) real estate agent. To think of CRM solely as a money maker, however, is to miss its true value. Yes, by nurturing your well-earned customer base and potential contacts, you will convert more leads into deals; however, much of the value of CRM is in the time and energy that it will save you.  It prevents missed deadlines and opportunities that can lead to lost income. With an increasing wealth of technology available for real estate agents to find new leads and grow their business, automating much of the grunt work of customer relations is simply a no-brainer. Manage your relationships and stay in touch with all your customers with the help of CRM to stay ahead of your competitors. You will surprise yourself by your efficiency in managing your clients so well.  

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