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Advice For Pros · January 23, 2023 · AUTHOR: Stanley Bawalan

How to Use Lead Nurturing to Improve Customer Loyalty


Through email and other online platforms, you can communicate with leads about products or services that might be helpful for them and keep them engaged throughout their journey toward making a purchase. The goal of lead nurturing is to help your leads through their decision-making process so that when they do decide to buy from you, it feels like less of an investment on their part because they've already made some kind of emotional connection with what you offer.

Define the purpose of your lead nurturing.

What is the purpose of your lead nurturing? Is it to generate new business, build brand awareness, or to help current customers learn about a product or service? Lead nurturing campaigns should be designed based on the company’s goals for the campaign and how it will measure success.

What are you trying to achieve? How do you plan on measuring success? Are there specific dates and times when you want this message sent out? Is this something that needs to happen multiple times over a period of time with different messages being sent out each time (i.e., drip marketing) or does one email go out at once with no repetition needed after that initial contact has been made with potential clients (this would be considered email nurture).

Create a lead nurturing campaign.

If you don’t know how to apply lead nurturing tactics effectively, they can become a waste of time and money. To make sure you get on the right track from the start, follow these steps:

Using a tool like SetSchedule CRM can help with this step; it provides everything you need to create an effective campaign (and then some).

Decide how often you'll follow up with leads.

How often you should follow up depends on your industry, type of lead and your sales cycle. If you don't follow up with leads, they will forget about you and move on. But if you follow up too often, they will become annoyed. This is why it's important to set a schedule for contacting them at regular intervals during their journey from prospecting to closing the sale.*

Use content upgrades to build your relationship with leads who haven't converted yet.

You can grab leads on your website, in your emails and in social media. You’ve got them now — how do you keep them from becoming a customer?

Content upgrades are one of the most effective ways to build a relationship with a lead before they become a customer. Content upgrades are the third-most-popular lead nurturing tactic among marketers (after webinars and videos). They give you another opportunity to provide value for free by giving your leads more information about what you offer and how it benefits them.

Develop an exit strategy for leads who don't convert.

While it's important to keep in touch with leads and nurture them, it's equally important to develop an exit strategy for leads who don't convert. Don't let them go cold. It is possible for every lead not to be converted into a customer—and that's okay! But if you don't plan on staying in touch with these people, they won't know your company exists when they're ready to make a purchase. You need an exit strategy that will keep your company top of mind when they're ready and provide opportunities for feedback so you can improve your business.

Lead nurturing helps you keep in touch with your leads and improve their experience with your business and products or services.

It is a communication strategy that promotes customer loyalty, builds trust, and influences sales by communicating relevant content to buyers at the right time.

There are many benefits of lead nurturing:

  • It keeps you top of mind with customers who have expressed interest in doing business with you but haven’t yet made a purchase decision.

  • It lets you build a relationship over time so when those people do make a purchase decision, they will more likely buy from you.

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