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Advice For Pros · September 25, 2018 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

How To Write Listing Descriptions That Sell

The listing description should tell the story of the property you’re selling, conveys the appeal of the home, and capture the buyer’s attention. Here are some tips for writing real estate descriptions that will drive buyers to visit the home. Be concise There’s no room to endlessly list the features of a home, so stick to the basics. Highlight a handful of can’t-miss features and allow the photos to fill in the others. One tip is to start out by writing everything you want to include, and then paring it down to the target word count. Be specific - “New stainless steel appliances” is more helpful than “newly updated kitchen.” If the neighborhood is a selling point, mention it as well - walking/biking trails, parks, bodies of water, and things like that. Consider your target audience Think about the demographics that would be most attracted to the listing. A larger home will appeal to a family, so you’ll want to mention nearby parks and the school district. For a starter home, think about what a young professional would want - local restaurants, coffee shops, and other attractions. Be professional Avoid using all caps and multiple exclamation points - they make the writing seem childish and unprofessional.  Use vivid language to convey enthusiasm through your writing instead. Be sure to proofread your listing description before it goes live - misplaced capitalization and misspelled words will take away from your credibility as a professional. If you know that writing is not your strong suit, have a friend or colleague look over your copy for you. Don’t forget a call to action When wrapping up your listing, tell the buyers what to do. Create a sense of urgency and encourage the reader to take action immediately, or else they may miss out on an opportunity. Encourage them to call you and set up an appointment to tour the home right away. Need help writing your listings? Don’t be afraid to enlist the professionals. SetSchedule has a team of copywriters who can help you craft engaging descriptions that will get attention. Ask your success advisor premium support team for details.

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