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In the News · January 24, 2022 · AUTHOR: Media Team

Hum Helps SetSchedule Secure Funding through Intelligent Capital Funding

Two swift-moving and like-minded teams proved to be a perfect partnership. SetSchedule was exploding with innovative technology platforms for a 3.0 application. It was with Hum’s financial installation that made a connection with CapChase. With this funding, SetSchedule was able to bring in developers to create and perfect the latest construct that compliments SetSchedule's consistent growth.

Udi Dorner, SetSchedule’s Co-Founder & COO, aforementioned:  “Hum Capital’s platform allows us to see our company’s full picture and is a true differentiator in helping to streamline the fundraising process. As a company whose financing needs change daily, being on the Intelligent Capital Market gives us the opportunity to connect with all types of investors suitable for our current growth needs. I would continue to work with Hum for our financing needs and recommend companies searching for capital to connect with the Hum team to evaluate your funding options."

You can explore more through the comprehensive Q&A between SetSchedule’s COO Udi Dorner, and Hum’s Managing Director, Everardo Gomez: Here

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