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Advice For Pros · July 05, 2016 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

Ideas for Inviting Entryways

Ideas for Inviting Entryways 1

An entryway is a place where a lot of people will first see the inside of your home. It is important that your entryway invokes a welcoming feeling. The biggest thing that can help an entryway be welcoming is not to have a wall that is right in front of the entryway door. Using laminate wood flooring will be the best option because it is very resilient against heavy use which this area of the home often sees.




Chandeliers 2


If the area around your entryway lacks a lot of natural sunlight, then you should add some. Chandeliers look nice, and also give off a lot of light. If your house is unable to accommodate a large chandelier then you can add some track lighting on a wall. This will make the entry look way more inviting. We like refurbished chandeliers that are made of natural products that brings a touch of the outside – into the home.    



Area Rugs

Add an area rug that looks nice and is also visually appealing to the eye. You should also add one that has some colors that match the paint of an ascent wall. You can see this in the example here.

Mirror, Mirror in the Foyer 3

Mirror, Mirror in the Foyer

Next, consider adding a mirror. Mirrors give the impression of the entryway being larger than it really is, while having the added benefit of being able to be used in the morning by the homeowners. This will also allow light to be able to reflect and make a dark space brighter. We love the use of mirrors to add space and light to a smaller, dark space.


Table and Chair 4    

Table and Chair

Consider strategically placing a table and a chair in the space. This will allow people who first walk through the door to be able to take their shoes off as well as having a place to set mail or grocery items down when first entering the home. If you have room; it is better to use larger items rather than just using small ones. In all of your consideration, establish balance. For example, a small table with a big mirror; will make the room appear off-balance. Always consider the practicality of the objects you place, as well as balance.  Add a coat hanger that is of the same materials that you choose for the entryway. This will make a good piece for those who, see it but will also give you the benefit of being able to add coats, hats and dog leashes.

Rustic Living 5

Rustic Living

Our favorite entry is the rustic one. These are the most relaxing, but they are also something that are not over the top. You want the entryway to be a place of relaxation, and a rustic design is something that helps a lot because it not overly modern.  It also is something that is relaxing and visually appealing to the eye. This will create a good transition between the outside and the inside. Add some kind of an accent wall this will help balance off the darker colors of the dark wood flooring, and the rustic materials in the entryway. You can choose any color you want as long as it looks good with the other finishes in the room. Select one wall as the focal point. Before you start painting always paint a few samples on the wall so that you can know which color looks best. It is difficult to tell a lot of times which colors look the best in the can and on the wall. Welcome guests and yourself when you first enter your home by adding some flowers that are colorful, pet-friendly, and nicely scented. Along with rusticity, we love to bring nature from the outside. If you are a big fan of drift wood, and you happen to live at the beach or in a beach community then go looking for that special piece of driftwood. Once you have found it than it is a very simple matter of cleaning it off and making sure that there are no foreign objects on it and then you can place it in the entryway or outside on the outside entrance. We love drift wood and beach living. Because it is local it will look like it belongs and this is also very important. Contributor: James Link      

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