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Advice For Pros · June 28, 2016 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

Ideas for Transforming a Space into a Library


A lot of people don’t realize that you can make a library out of most any room in the house. If you have an extra room or just an awkward area that is dead space at the moment, then you can add attractive shelving and transform that area into a library.  There are a lot of different designs that you can use for a library. A library also has an added benefit of being able to relax after a long day’s work; allowing you to retreat into your own little world. If you happen to decide to add paintings make sure that they don’t take away from the ambiance of the Library. Here are a few things to consider before transforming a space into a library. First, make sure that the room or area that you select for the library has a window. We love the idea of a built-in window seat with a comfortable cushion. This kind of bench allows for extra storage, as well. This will allow you to save some space if the room is small, and it also is a decorative piece that many homeowners like because it adds functionality and utility. Traditionally people think that you need a big room to put a library in and this is absolutely not the case. We love the idea of adding a library to a long hallway. Just make sure that you have excellent lighting. Be sure to set up a nice relaxing sitting area in the Library so you don’t have to leave it after you grab a book; this will ensure that you are actually able to enjoy the book. The way that your home is designed will dictate how you should set up your Library. If it is an older home, then putting in an all-wood Library with dark wood, will greatly enhance the general feel of the home. For a more modern home, then you might consider using more modern shelving. If you don’t have a lot of space you can put in built-ins and this will allow you to have the shelving needed without having to lose the space. Built-ins are a nice feature to add to any home. You can also put doors over the shelves with glass, this combined with a darker wood would make it really look good. You should also consider the area of the house where you are putting the library. It is best if it sees some foot traffic as opposed to a space that is completely cut off from the rest of the house. Finally, you can be a bit non-traditional. We have selected four images of spaces that we love as libraries. See what you think. Implementation of any of these ideas will have you checking off your summer reading list in no time. 2 3 4 5                           Contributed by James Link.

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