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Advice For Pros · January 29, 2018 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

In Real Estate, Objection is Just One Step Before the Close

Every buyer has a set of objections that you must work through in order to get him to buy a home. You may feel limited in your abilities to address many of these objections - after all, you have a structure in the form of a house or an apartment and you can’t change its features to provide everything that your clients want. However, handling your clients’ objections is a vital part of being a successful real estate professional, so start thinking of them as opportunities to bring your client closer to the close. Handling objections in real estate is not giving them what they want but actually educating the client and putting their mind at ease.

Be ready to handle objections and consider them as opportunities

The problem with many real estate agents is that they are not ready to give satisfactory answers to the objections raised by their clients. If you can’t provide a solution, then a potential buyer will not be able to get over their reservations about buying the home. Rather than being confused or irritated by objections raised by clients, real estate agents should treat them as an opportunity, a signal that they are just a step closer to the deal.

Dealing with contingencies thrown in by clients

If you take a look at the common objections raised by clients, you will realize that they are actually looking towards you to find solutions to their problems. For example, if a client says that he cannot list his house because he has to find a place to live first, it means that he needs your help in selling his house and getting money together to buy a new place. Rather than encouraging contingencies for sellers, help them solve their problem first so there is no need for the contingency. Help your clients sell their homes with these online tools

Memorize answers to common questions...

As a successful real estate agent, you should have the ability to counter the most common objections that are raised by clients. Not only should you be prepared to handle these objections, but you need to be ready to explain your suggestions in a way that will be understood by your clients. You can memorize and internalize scripts to respond to these common questions, but be prepared to tweak your answers depending on the unique circumstances of the client.

...But be prepared for the less-common ones

There are times when objections are frivolous. Some clients, for example, may claim they do not want to hire an agent that has many other listings, preferring instead to hire someone who can give them the attention they deserve. Although these sorts of complaints may be frustrating, it’s important to address them with the same amount of sincerity as any other objection. Explain to your client the advantages to listing with a busy agent - it means that you have a tried-and-true system that is trusted by other sellers. Remember, objections are nothing but doubts in the minds of your clients. It is your job as a real estate agent to educate the clients and to make them believe that you can solve their problems.

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