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Advice For Pros · November 23, 2019 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

Internet Lead Conversion: 3 Tips for Closing Transactions

Many realtors hate internet leads and will be quick to say they are worthless. Internet leads can be challenging, but there is no denying that the vast majority of home buyers and sellers will start their real estate journey with an internet search. As this becomes the new normal for real estate, more and more agents are jumping on the bandwagon to work internet leads. Like anything else, there are tricks for getting the most from your legwork. Here are some tips for finding your next transaction from an internet lead generation service.

Revamp your mindset

First things first: 80% of internet leads will go nowhere, but that’s okay. Instead of thinking of internet referrals as leads, think of them as “opportunities” to have conversations with people who may need your help now, or in the near future, or never. When contacting internet opportunities, first focus on the 5 - 10% of contacts that need your help in the next 30 - 60 days. Next, focus on the 5 - 10% that will need your help in the future. The future buyer and seller is the demographic most neglected by real estate agents, but staying in touch with your future clients maximizes the chance that you will get their business when they are ready to sell. Think of yourself as a farmer of opportunities and conversations and this strategy will pay dividends.  

Stop obsessing over the “sale”

When contacting and following up with an opportunity, most agents try to sell the prospect on giving them their business. While this strategy is understandable, it can cause resentment and distrust to emerge and fester. If you view prospects as walking dollar signs, the prospect will pick up on this. For the prospect, picking an agent means choosing the person you will entrust with what is likely to be the biggest investment they will ever make in their lifetime. To the agent, it might just be one more transaction in their expansive book of business, but to the prospect, working with an agent is a special and intimate undertaking. If they feel that an agent is treating their life’s investment like another run of the mill day at work, they are likely to stop engaging with that agent. Instead, focus on customer service and being a source of knowledge and guidance. Ask them questions about what they want and need, then listen. Don’t pressure or rush them, but rather work with them to figure out how to best help them realize their residential and investment goals.  

Follow up on the follow up

Work to stay in contact with all of your prospects, whether you think they will transact in the next 60 days, the next year or the next 5 years. Top-notch customer service on the front end will often be for naught if there isn’t adequate follow up on the back end. Don’t let your initial efforts go to waste. Follow up on the follow up and continue doing so until you get that prospect into their dream home.    Subscribe to for exclusive content on internet lead conversion!

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  • Carla Poulin says:
    "Revamp mindset" are really working point . The more transactions close, the happy customers you will get, which in turn brings more referrals and more money you can pour back into effective marketing.
  • Alfonso Guidry says:
    I agree with that blog . Internet lead conversion is a process which you control and which will yield you massive financial returns if you get it right, are you committed to making it work? or do you just want the result of the work without going through the process?
  • Kamala Kelly says:
    Over 93% of real estate buyers and sellers use the internet frequently to conduct research on homes for sale. I think internet Lead is the best way .
  • Martina Jones says:
    I know that internet lead's are so difficult but it's work if the lead's are accurate... .many salespeople in our field are starting to confuse the difference between a salesperson and a customer service representative. You are in real estate sales, not real estate customer service, and that means that you need to close the lead conversion.
  • Anthony Shelly says:
    'Stop obsessing the 'sale' is a tremendous punch word.good blog
  • Rose Battle says:
    I agree their 3 tips but actually i think converting a startup into one needs to boost and rebuild a set of standard structures of buss dev.
  • Ruby McCreery says:
    Good article . The overall mood of idea in initiating to customers is approval. Their intention to turn 20 percent "opportunities" into a productivity is laudable.That should be the spirit
  • Claire Morgan says:
    Every point are very nice and all the article very clearly. I like the point of " Revamp your mindset " . I will obviously follow those step on this set schedule blog. Thank you so much for great article.
  • Francisca Polito says:
    -"Follow up on the follow up" is good enough.But it should not be by the cost of the company team.A company obviously will target...
  • Jose Price says:
    The suggestions used here are connective to a huge body of people.Tips are very suggestive and responsive. Just hang on it and elevate the qualitative sale.

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