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Advice For Pros · June 11, 2021 · AUTHOR: Sofia Chavez

Our Top 3 Picks to Read For Real Estate Professionals Just Starting Out

As soon as you earn your license as a real estate agent, you're ready to sell or at least network and make yourself known as an agent. However, learning the real estate industry is not easy nor something you can do in a matter of days - despite what some may think and say. Our team ran through hundreds of industry-relevant books and selected the following 3 that we think will help any new real estate agent understand the industry, how to get started, how to keep going and ultimately be successful in the long-term.

Gary Keller’s The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is a classic go-to for real estate agents. In it, he focuses on 3 pillars to success, which are to ensure your strategy contains leads, listings and a way to leverage each.

In fact, Keller lists lead generation as the most crucial element to your success, since it allows you the ability to create listings and leverage people. According to Keller, listings are basically free marketing and create a system to generate even more leads. You already know it’s true, once you have an excess of leads - you can begin to prioritize them and keep your pipeline not only filled, but organized for success. This will allow you to maintain communication with each lead, no matter where they may be in the buying or selling stage.

What's the point? Create a bullet-proof system that generates leads. And organize them. 


Chris Smith’s The Conversion Code centers on using new technology to generate leads. He provides a step-by-step digital marketing plan using landing pages to drive leads. He lists many components to what is needed for a successful landing page - that ultimately converts. He also makes sure to define how online leads are different from your typical leads which could simply be family and friends. And that's exactly why nurturing them is different.

Among his components on developing high-converting landing pages, which really help a real estate agent brand themselves online as well, are promotional text, high quality images, keeping text short and to the point, as well as consistent branding. But he doesn’t stop there. He goes on to highlight the importance of creating such content, leveraging social media and optimizing your content for the best reach. With his breakdown, not only would you become a successful real estate agent - but quite the skilled marketer. Nurturing leads in real estate, especially if you're just starting out, takes many months. So listen to your prospects needs and use marketing to solve their objections.

What’s the point? Make sure you are backed by high-quality marketing and branding as you nurture your leads in order to convert and close them

Darren Hardy’s The Compound Effect dives into how small, seemingly insignificant actions steadily lead to success. If you know the bare minimum about sales, you know this is basically what nurturing is. One of the main concepts he highlights is the notion that what you appreciate, will appreciate in value. As a professional in real estate, and in many industries, you know that relationships are everything. Relationships, ultimately, can be the source and lifeline to your business.

This book can help you map out how to gradually go above and beyond in everything that you do, especially for prospects - but it does mean working harder, complaining less, and taking extra steps that no one else is. The glamor of being a real estate industry exists because buying homes is often expensive and a very personal process for buyers and potential homeowners. The reality is that you have to work extremely hard at nurturing your prospects as well as your very cold leads. Don't' act like you care, actually care and show it in every interaction.

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