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Advice For Pros · March 26, 2019 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

Real Estate Podcasts Every Agent Should Follow

Podcasts by experts are useful for professionals in any field or profession. These audio files can be easily downloaded and listened whenever you are in a relaxed mood and have free time - a particular advantage to real estate agents who are always making calls or paying visits to their clients and properties! Make the most of your on-the-go time by tuning into a real estate podcast to expand your knowledge and get expert advice about the profession. Here are some starting points.

Bigger Pockets Podcast

This podcast by Joshua Dorking and Kevin Turner is one of the most popular and respected podcasts among real estate professionals. With more than 180k listeners for every podcast, Josh and Kevin give deep knowledge about various real estate topics in a very casual and friendly manner. Their sessions are focused on avoiding mistakes and doing things in a proper manner.

Real Estate Coaching Radio

Tim and Julie Harris, a husband and wife team, started this podcast a few years ago. Now it has more than 100k listeners. The hosts include panels of experts and top producers in the field of real estate, and listeners love the marketing tips they share. Realtors will also appreciate the interviews of successful realtors to update their knowledge.

Yes Talk

This podcast is hosted by Kevin Ward, a real estate coach who has written a book titled “The Ultimate Real Estate Agent: Conversation Guide.” This podcast is especially useful for real estate agents who are just starting out, as Kevin gives tips on strategies and mistakes to avoid.

Agent Caffeine

Kelly Mitchell focuses on marketing and latest tech trends in a casual and friendly manner, sharing information and advice that is helpful for agents in growing their business. Kelly founded this podcast in 2011 and today she has more than 100 podcasts to her credit.

GSD Mode

This podcast by Joshua Smith is ideal for real estate agents who do not want to become a part of the crowd. Joshua gives advice on how to beat the competition and emerge as the most successful and popular realtor in your area. Joshua gives actionable advice that is very useful for agents.

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