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What s New · January 03, 2022 · AUTHOR: SetSchedule Editor

SetSchedule 3.0 Application Update

What's New with the SetSchedule 3.0 Application Update

The new 3.0 update introduces the SetSchedule community ecosystem to users. As part of this update, users will be able to promote their products and services, post questions specifically to targeted professionals, connect and communicate with other professionals, expand their contacts, and create teams to collaborate on projects and opportunities.

This update also provides a new, refreshing look to the interface of the application so users can more easily navigate through their favorite features. Here are the changes the update brings to the application’s interface:

  • Update to the navigation bar has been moved, as a static asset, to the bottom of the screen allowing for easier navigation through the application.
  • The new menu bar has also been updated to reflect new logos.
  • The chat feature has been placed around several features for easier visibility.
  • Other minor interface changes throughout the app have been made to make use of the application easier for all users.

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