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What s New · October 28, 2022 · AUTHOR: Darwin Pelea

SetSchedule App v3.3.3 Update (Web and Mobile)

SetSchedule releases new features and bug fixes to ensure a better user experience on web and mobile platforms.


New Features!

  • A custom notification sound will alert you of any update on your SetSchedule app.

  • Get a wave hand notification immediately if anyone accepts the connection request to send a message directly to your new connection.

  • The skeleton loading animation will give you a better user experience during slow internet.

  • Special symbols will convert to automatically emojis when you send anyone in the chat.

  • You can now mention your connections in posts and comments!

  • We streamlined the process for activating the Referral Radar to make it easier than ever.

  • You can now see the timestamps of your conversations on Chats.

  • Improved the comments and reply section on the Wall so you now see the job title of anyone who comments and replies to your posts.

  • We made the app loading icon into a more fascinating animation to beautify your screen!


Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a major issue with the Group Chat which was blocking seeing the latest chat on iOS.

  • Resolved the Chat image barely visible bug.

  • Fixed a few “Mention” bugs where mentioned link wasn’t working and showed a number instead of a name.

  • Fixed the issue with profile activity where created posts on the Network did not show on profile activity.

  • Worked on a few Data Center bugs to update the user journey to the payment.

  • Updated the Side Menu “report a deal” and “help me close” options.

  • Updated distorted UI on the Connection page.

  • Fixed the issue with showing gifs from another post on Broadcast and Ask The P

  • Resolved the issue with Chat where the attachment was missing icons/images(Opportunity/Photo/OpenHouse)

  • Fixed and improved a bunch of Network Hyperlinks bugs.

  • Improved the Follow feature by fixing a few bugs.

  • Updated Notification issues with a bunch of improvements.

  • Fixed the bug on the Profile for the color update.

  • Fixed a few RR, CRM, Open House, and Settings bugs.

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