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What s New · December 14, 2022 · AUTHOR: Meg Canino

SetSchedule App v3.3.4 Update (Desktop, iOS and Android)

SetSchedule releases new features and bug fixes to ensure a better user experience on web and mobile platforms.

New and exciting features!

SetApp New Releases

iOS, Android and Desktop

  • Anyone from any part of the world can now signup and use the SetSchedule app.

  • You can now send and preview hyperlinks in the SetSchedule Chat.

SetApp Bug Fixes

iOS Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where video posts have no sound when the device was in vibrate mode.

  • Fixed an issue where the timestamp display overlapped with the user's reply in chat.

  • Fixed an issue where attachments were not clickable on the App’s wall.

  • Fixed icon display issues we had on push notifications.

  • Fixed an issue where the count on chat notifications was not displaying.

  • Fixed an issue where the profile picture in chat was wrongly displayed.

  • Fixed issues with redirections for push notifications.

  • We have significantly reduced the delays experienced when loading the Invite Page

  • Resolved a number of minor CRM & Referral Radar functionality issues.

  • Resolved the missing navigation icons on Open House Map View

  • Resolved the missing “Re-open Open House” button on Open House Details page

Android Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where a user’s profile image was not clickable on the chat header.

  • Resolved an issue with Group Chats not showing on the chat list.

  • Fixed the issue of all the connected teams not showing while collaborating for CRM opportunities.

  • Fixed a few app crash bugs.

  • Resolved an error with “Use My Current Location” encountered during signup.

  • Fixed the issue with the invite button for teams.

  • Fixed an issue where unassign opportunity was not working.

  • Fixed the issue of Tapping on Connect Pending not showing.

  • Fixed the issue with the SMS invite not recognizing the native SMS app.

  • Fixed the issue with an unexpected verification code popup.

  • Fixed Open House redirection to Referral Radar

  • Fixed Payment settings UI spacing issue

  • Fixed unexpected verification code popup in settings

  • Fixed issue where content filled on the support request was clearing.

  • Create Open House Icon on the list view has been updated

Desktop Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a huge number of Globalization bugs in this current sprint.

  • Fixed the issue of the Team badge reflecting non-Team X users.

  • Fixed the issue encountered by users when searching on the Referral Radar.

  • Resolved the issues surrounding the Request Allotment button on the Referral Radar.

  • Resolved the issue of Profile pictures of some individuals appearing skewed when viewed on the connection cards or profile view

  • Fixed the translated emoji on the chat list view.

  • Fixed the translated emoji on push notifications.

  • Fixed Notification redirection to an error page.

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