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What s New · January 18, 2023 · AUTHOR: Meg Canino

SetSchedule App v3.3.5 Update

SetSchedule releases update on Public Profile and SetHello to ensure a better user experience on web and mobile platforms.

SetApp New Releases

  • Public Profile will allow users to share their profiles with anyone outside the App. 

  • For Ask/Broadcast posts, everyone will now get notified when there is a post that is a good match for them. 

  • We are updating the “Ask The Pro” feature title to “Ask” only. Users will be able to ask anything on the App with this update.

SetHello New Releases

  • Users will now receive sms notifications if they missed a SetHello Call from (949) 200-7425 number. 


SetApp Bug Fixes

iOS Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Team ownership transfer issue on iOS.

  • Fixed the issues profile pictures.

  • Fixed the team badge issue in the recommended section.

  • Recommended Connection name and badge overlapping issue was fixed.

  • Data Center mismatched allotment issue was fixed.

  • Chat icon updated on Team.

  • Fixed few comms issues for the Team. 

  • Fixed an issue with the Connect button on the Followers/Following list.

Android Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Chat crash issue for the newer version of Android.

  • Fixed the comms issue not showing initials when there is no profile picture.

  • Fixed the comment count on wall posts.

Desktop Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue with profile pictures of some individuals appearing skewed.

  • Fixed the issue of chat notifications not redirecting to the exact page.

  • Fixed the Referral Radar issue of the center point.

  • The unexpected HTML code showing on posts was fixed.


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