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What s New · February 14, 2023 · AUTHOR: Meg Canino

SetSchedule App v3.3.6 Update

SetSchedule releases RED Profile Promotion, along with significant bug fixes to ensure a better user experience on web and mobile platforms.

SetApp New Releases

RED gives users more visibility to the SetSchedule community users which will bring value to the users who will subscribe to the RED.

The vision of RED Profile Promotion is to help users who subscribe gain more connections and following on the SetSchedule Network.

SetApp Bug Fixes

iOS Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: App crashes while tapping on delete post after deleting the comment & reply in the comments screen.

  • Resolved: Incorrect Public Profile URL structure in Invite Contacts section

  • Fixed: Unexpected profile promotion drawer showing in the profile activity

  • Fixed: Error message shown when user blocks a person in Setschedule section

  • Resolved: Default location radius mismatch among iOS, Android, and Desktop builds

  • Fixed: User initials replacing commenter's initials when viewed in PROD on iOS

  • Fixed: Broken notification and chat panel when navigating to a profile from the chat

  • Resolved: Missing company name on the Recommended page in Connections

  • Fixed: Profile country not showing at first after signup with global account

  • Resolved: Unable to change the email address in Account Info settings

  • Fixed: Incorrect barometer percentage and empty to-do item in Network

  • Fixed: Incomplete discovery page showing in Menu/Discovery Hub

  • Fixed: Number of comments still showing despite already being deleted in Network/Team

  • Resolved: People Near You names showing cut and improper alignment in Home/Network/Connections

  • Fixed: Loaded images overlap with text on a post in Network Wall

  • Resolved: Different team badge displayed on followers vs. following module in profile

  • Fixed: Tapping on Rate Lead push notification not routing to rating screen in Comms

  • Fixed: Read More functionality not working after tapping on app lead notification in Referral Radar in Comms

  • Resolved: The device keyboard not minimizing upon tapping the Return button when searching a location in Open House

  • Fixed: "undefined" displayed on address in profile

  • Resolved: Network post content display issue for longer posts

  • Resolved: Incorrect comment count in Network

  • Resolved: SetSchedule App UI adjustment for iPhone 14

  • Resolved: Missing push icon in device push notification in Comms

  • Resolved: Profile image on comment not redirecting to user's profile in Network

  • Fixed: Public profile link in the app not redirecting to the profile view inside the app in Network/Teams/Chat/Profile

  • Resolved: Clicking on Done button from in-app browser bringing to Referral Radar or Data Center

  • Fixed: Back button hidden from chat details when clicking back from Profile view from chat details in Chat

  • Fixed: Unexpected profile promotion drawer showing in profile activity before purchasing profile promotion.

Android Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashing issue while adding phone number in Referral Radar

  • Resolved incomplete discovery page for US users

  • Improved text alignment, button size & alignment in Payment section

  • Displayed card ending instead of name in Payment section

  • Fixed resend verification code in Profile section

  • Resolved browser link from Outlook app opening the SetSchedule app

  • Changed country name from United States to USA in Profile section

  • Made attachments on Network posts clickable

  • Changed "Verification Code" to "Verification code" in Edit Account Info

  • Corrected incorrect country code in edit mode for US users

  • Removed global phone number adding feature in Referral Radar.

Desktop Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Unexpected error message while adding profile image on Profile Verification

  • Fixed: Unexpected error while removing connection

  • Fixed: No profession suggestion seen and unable to change the profession in Profile

  • Fixed: Error page returned when entering a character in profession name before activity gets loaded in Profile

  • Fixed: No allotment info or card payment option visible when purchasing data records in Data Center

  • Fixed: Post created as HTML code instead of plain text when copy and paste from a post with URL/mention in Network

  • Fixed: Some icons in Option Drawer in Create post not clickable in Wall

  • Fixed: App showed error message when clicking the edit icon in Career section before activity gets loaded in Profile

  • Fixed: Take This Lead option showed before phone number verification in Referral Radar Activation

  • Fixed: Tagging a user to a comment in their post does not show them as an option in Mentions in Network

  • Fixed: Blank screen showing instead of chat window after clicking on the group chat in Chat

  • Fixed: Clicking on the team name link from request allotment from team pop up should submit the request and not reload in Referral Radar

  • Fixed: Image attachment missing on older posts in Wall.


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