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What s New · August 10, 2023 · AUTHOR: Meg Canino

SetSchedule App v3.3.7.2 Update

SetSchedule launches v3.3.7.2, the RED 2.0, with enhanced user experience and bug fixes for web and mobile platforms.

What’s New with Version

Nothing attracts attention like RED! SetSchedule version update introduces RED 2.0 with the goal of providing even more profile visibility on the SetSchedule platform providing RED users a more enhancing experience. The update includes:

Feature Improvements: 

  • RED Premium Pitch Page - This improves the pitch page we currently have by allowing users to view all RED perks on a single page rather than a slider.

  • RED Wave Background - This feature provides a distinctive wave profile banner to RED subscribers. There are 16 different color options for this banner.

  • RED Profile Ring Color - This feature provides our RED subscribers a red profile ring which they can turn on and off

  • RED Downgrade Journey - This function displays the benefits that a user would forfeit by canceling their RED subscription. Additionally, users will be able to choose the grounds for their desire to unsubscribe from RED.

  • RED Onboarding Screen - This feature shows RED subscribers the new features and benefits that they could enjoy and personalize.

  • RED Posts - By providing a post background banner, this feature makes RED subscribers' posts stand out.

  • RED Restart Subscription Journey - This feature provides our users the ability to restart their RED subscription in case they no longer want to cancel their subscription.

  • Referral Radar - Team Owner of a Premium Package must be allowed up to 3 centerpoints

  • Referral Radar - Team Owner of a Premium Package should have unlimited Searches in the Research Center

  • RED - Recommended Section - Provide additional profile visibility to RED subscribers by displaying 10 RED profiles in the Recommended Section

Bug Fixes:

  • Public Profile - Badge Alignment & Name Color - Fixed badge alignment and name color in Public Profile.
  • New Opportunity link redirects to server error page - clicking on “Go to Opportunity” now routes the users to the CRM page
  • Profile Verification - Add 5 connections redirecting to CRM or Referral Radar

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