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In the News / Press Releases · September 08, 2022 · AUTHOR: Darwin Pelea

SetSchedule Cares Foundation - A Movement that Matters

IRVINE, Calif.-SetSchedule launched its SetSchedule Cares Foundation website. The site was created to bring awareness to foundations supported by SetSchedule. SetSchedule Cares obsesses over creating a brighter future for communities with children who need support, love, and care.

“We are always excited to give back. It’s even more exciting than bringing in. Our goal is always to do well by doing right by our communities. The SetSchedule Care Foundation allows us to do exactly that on a larger scale than before.” - CEO Roy Dekel states

The foundations SetSchedule supports through its care foundation include:

  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • American Technion Society
  • Cardz For Kidz
  • Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
  • CF Foundation
  • Larger than Life

SetSchedule Cares is a corporate foundation for SetSchedule which was founded by members of the SetSchedule executive and management team. SetSchedule Care has aligned itself with six different partners across three countries and has raised over $75,000 for foundations that care about our kids’ health and happiness. To get involved with the SetSchedule Care Foundation, visit their website at

SetSchedule is an American technology company which disrupts the real estate industry by leveraging SAAS and consumer cloud communication products, artificial intelligence, and autonomous business flow applications to eliminate the struggle behind establishing a connection.

SetSchedule's goal is to innovate the real estate industry with cutting-edge tools that allow for better connections, easier communication, and stronger relationships between consumers and their local experts.


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