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In the News · January 04, 2017 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

SetSchedule CEO, Roy Dekel, Invited to Speak at Conference for Young Entrepreneurs

roy-dekel-national-iac-conference Where will future entrepreneurs spend their networking and educational time in 2017? At the Israeli American Council (IAC) Mishelanu Third Annual National Conference. The annual conference, hosted by the IAC, will features current and future leaders of every field. For three days, attendees will collaborate, network, learn, recruit and exchange ideas aimed toward the future, while making connections with top mentors. Roy Dekel, Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and current CEO of Setschedule, was invited to speak and serve on a panel to explore the opportunities and challenges that young aspiring entrepreneurs face today. The conference will also feature forward-thinking presentations from high-profile presenters in Technology, Finance, Media, Policy, and Social Good who have accomplished noteworthy achievement. “Aspiring entrepreneurs need to become storytellers to effect change in the world”, Says Roy Dekel. Roy is a story teller eager to share his knowledge and experience to advance the next generation of entrepreneurs. As a young, high functioning autistic male, I have learned so much from my interactions with Roy. He is exceptionally talented, energetic, and driven. He has shown me that to succeed at anything requires perseverance. This the cornerstone of Roy’s character. Roy is fearless in doing what it takes to go make things happen, and has made all the difference in aspiring me to start my own business. So, it is no surprise that Roy has been asked to speak at the IAC Mishelanu Third Annual National Conference.  In addition to learning about Entrepreneurship, attendees will also discuss Israeli and Jewish culture. We need to take some time to examine, self-reflect, and understand where we come from; this conference will present a perfect opportunity to answer the question all college students ask, where do I go from here. By examining our culture; we come to know ourselves better. By knowing our communities; we develop a deeper awareness about the ways our servant leadership is required. Student attendees will have this opportunity through their attendance and will be able to grow through Roy’s presentation. To register or learn more about the IAC Mishelanu Third Annual National Conference, which will be held between February 17th-19th at Sheraton Gateway Hotel, click here. . For additional information about Roy's foundation work, feel free to Click Here.   Contributed by James Link

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