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Press Releases · March 05, 2020 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

SetSchedule CEO Roy Dekel Makes Inaugural Appearance on Startup to Storefront Podcast

Irvine, CA (March 5, 2020) SetSchedule CEO, Roy Dekel, will be making his inaugural appearance on Startup to Storefront Podcast. Startup to Storefront started in 2019, interviews entrepreneurs across various industries about the challenges of scaling their businesses. Specifically, they discuss transitioning your startup into retail or office space, including the ups and downs of commercial real estate development and how entrepreneurs overcome any obstacles. Roy will discuss the evolution of SetSchedule from a startup to the fifth fastest-growing real estate company in the US, how his disruptive technology has enhanced the relationship between agent and client, and he teases the upcoming product offering this summer that will allow real estate and related professionals to benefit from a partnership with SetSchedule. “This summer SetSchedule will be introducing a completely new product that is going to unite real estate agents and ancillary professionals,” says Roy. “So any professional that benefits from or contributes to a real estate transaction will be able to benefit from and use the platform that we're going to roll out at the end of summer.” Roy Dekel co-founded SetSchedule in 2014 with Udi Dorner. For the past six years, SetSchedule has been revolutionizing how real estate agents connect with homeowners and buyers through their multi-patented lead marketplace. Through this lead marketplace, real estate agents can acquire leads on-demand from multiple vendors and service them with an easy-to-use suite of SaaS solutions. By leveraging AI-powered predictive data, trend insights, and automated marketing software tools and machine learning, SetSchedule delivers better business efficiency to agents, teams, brokers, franchises, and industry verticals. Bringing together real estate know-how and technological expertise, SetSchedule is the technology innovator revolutionizing real estate businesses and data services. In addition, SetSchedule now offers SetAds, a marketing platform for industry verticals that allows them to broadcast directly to SetSchedule’s nationwide network of real estate agents. Tailor-made ads allow businesses to control how their brand is seen while customized landing pages provide detailed analytics to discover and interpret meaningful patterns in consumer data. Roy’s episode of Startup to Storefront will go live on March 11th, 2020. Learn more about SetSchedule at and learn more about SetAds at Media Contact: Alexis Stys 100 Spectrum Center Drive 9th Floor, Irvine, CA 92618 888-222-0011

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