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In the News / Press Releases · July 21, 2022 · AUTHOR: Darwin Pelea

SetSchedule CEO, Roy Dekel Represents Top-Rated CEO for Diversity by Business Insider

IRVINE, Calif.-SetSchedule - CEO and co-founder, Roy Dekel was featured in Business Insider as the 2nd Best CEO for Diversity 2022. This list represents the top-ranked CEOs, based on sentiment ratings from employees of color on in the previous 12 months. Roy who is featured in Inc. Masters and Forbes magazines shares his thoughts on winning on diversity

“Diversity plays a huge role in a company. Taking a team's perspectives from many different angles creates conversations where creativity is encouraged. Choosing the hyper-focused approach to having a healthy blend of diversity as a young company, we very quickly expanded our reach to different regions and cultures. SetSchedule now has employees in seven different countries, not just for monetary gain, but to create a great culture in all departments including servicing, business development, and programming.”

A number of SetSchedule employees share their thoughts on Comparably:

Advocates for open communication and inclusive culture along with a high level of performance. -customer success department

“Mistakes are taken as learning opportunities. In a team where detail is important and the standard operating procedure must always be followed, we do not get angry with mistakes, we learn from them.” - service department

“My team is very diverse. Has the right balance of being professionals but still having fun in the process. - operations department

Roy Dekel is CEO and Co-Founder of SetSchedule, an American software company specializing in big data and AI technologies. Preceding SetSchedule, Roy sold billions in financial products and prior to trends, institutionalized the buy and hold residential lifestyle model managing a lofty residential portfolio. Before moving to California, Roy grew up in Israel, a child of Romanian refugees. He served as a first lieutenant in the Israeli Defense Forces of the Navy Seals. Inspired by his childhood, Roy helps charities that focus on the quality of life and education of children.

About SetSchedule:

SetSchedule is an American technology company that disrupts the real estate industry by leveraging SAAS and consumer cloud communication products, artificial intelligence, and autonomous business flow applications to eliminate the struggle behind establishing a connection.

SetSchedule's goal is to innovate the real estate industry with cutting-edge tools that allow for better connections, easier communication, and stronger relationships between consumers and their local experts.


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