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What s New · January 17, 2022 · AUTHOR: Darwin Pelea

SetSchedule Mobile App v3.0.3 update

SetSchedule releases an update for bug fixes and CRM adjustments to ensure a better user experience in the mobile app



  • Chat - Previous Message doesn't update without refreshing

  • Profile - Color background in the side menu does not change from blue

  • Profile - Settings - Selected profile color does not display on Menu page

  • Research Center - People - Limit Reached - Upgrade to Pro - Payment Option is missing

  • Teams - Post is showing as double

  • UI - Notifications - Match Android Notification Style to that used on iOS

  • Connections - Limited Search Showing

  • Referral Radar - UI - Two gray boxes on the left side is showing



  • Updated CRM Permissions
  • Updated Emails
  • Comms - Daily Summary Alert received late
  • Connections - Duplicate connections request from one user
  • Notifications - In notification, user should not get their own like/ share notifications



  • Badges - Team V/X, Verified, Influencer, and premium badges should be shown correctly

  • Chat - Chats between two people can be renamed

  • Chat - Leads - Unable Share a Lead via Chat

  • Chat - Application getting hang for a while (10 ~ 30 sec), while returning to previous page from chat page

  • Chat - Connected peoples are not showing on the new chat page

  • Chat - Group Chat - Back buttons are overlapping and unwanted text showing on the group chat page

  • Chat - Unable to send message to the connected people

  • Chat/Messaging - New messages aren't showing for users

  • Chat/Messaging - Users can't directly send messages to connections

  • Connections - Missing Pending Connections UI

  • CRM - Add Opportunity - Application crashing always, while clicking anywhere on the CRM page after clicking on the Add Opportunity button

  • CRM - Map landing is not showing the user's default centerpoint

  • Data Center - User gets an error response when accessing the data center

  • Leads - Allotment - Using Allotments is highly confusing

  • Location should not include companies

  • Network - Comment count changes when looking at a post on the wall or opening the post

  • Network - Comment Counter does not appear on post until viewed than returned to the wall

  • Network - Featured Posts - Featured Posts do not display on iOS

  • Network - Same Profile Picture Displayed on Multiple Users

  • Network - Broadcast - cannot broadcast in the US

  • Network - Posts - Comment - User 'A' post something, User 'B' comment on the post but the comment is not appearing

  • Network/wall - Badges aren't appearing for profiles and their posts

  • Notifications - App does not receive notifications

  • Notifications - Double Notifications and character encoding in text

  • Notifications - No Pagination for Notifications

  • Open House - Opening web interface leads to an empty link

  • Open House - Test or Placeholder text in OH description

  • Opportunity - Edit Opportunity - Transfer Opportunity Ownership button should be removed

  • Referral Radar - Allotment count showing inconsistent values

  • Referral Radar - An agent still sees the "only available for real estate agents and brokers" screen

  • Referral Radar - Number verification is still being asked on RR activation even when there's a verified number already registered on the account

  • Referral Radar - The RFA Signed aspect is saying 0/10 but only has 4 "isAcceptable"

  • Referral Radar - Users can already see lead allotment (even if it's zero) when taking a lead

  • Referral Radar - Users with allotments aren't able to take leads for free

  • Referral Radar - Activation - Showing terms of services on Home, Teams, and CRM page, after activating the referral radar

  • Referral Radar - Center Point - Page not updating after deleting the center point

  • Referral Radar - Map loads in the middle of chosen center points

  • Teams - Error occurs when creating a Team with no additional members

  • Teams - Anyone from the team can change Team's name and description

  • Teams - Profile Photo - Wrong profile photo showing for team members

  • Teams - User cannot send message others under Team Roster

  • Teams - Wrong button name showing on the edit team page

  • Teams - User can't delete post on Team page

  • UI - Featured Posts - Audit of Featured Posts in iOS UI

  • UI - Opportunity - Background should be gray, not white

  • Sign Up - Confirm Email - Back button - Going to the login page instead of enter name page, while tapping on the back button from confirm email page

  • Profile - Add Button - Add button not updating, while clicking on it from profile page

  • Profile - Contact - User saves contact number in profile (Edit Contact) but it is not appearing later. Misleading for user

  • Profile - Sometimes unable to update the profile information with error message

  • Reset Password - Redirecting to the login page instead of password reset page, while clicking on the Reset Password button from email body

  • Sign Up - Enter Name - Showing warning message, even while entering a valid name in first name field


Stories (Improvements)


  • Updated Image Uploader



  • Updated Chat UI

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