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What s New · August 17, 2022 · AUTHOR: Darwin Pelea

SetSchedule Mobile App v3.3.1 (Android) update

SetSchedule releases new features and bug fixes to ensure a better user experience in the mobile app for the Android platform


Features Added:

  • You can now post links and click on them on the wall. You can also see previews of the links posted.

  • You can now know the number of your unread messages through the app badge counter.


Bugs Fixed:

  • Assign Opportunity - Fixed the issue where connection image was missing beside connection name.

  • CRM - Search in List view now acts as filter to manage CRM.

  • CRM - Fixed the issue where “Lead Type” filter in Opportunities showed opposite value as result.

  • CRM - Fixed the issue where user were unable to send CRM via chat

  • Network - Uploaded images in posts are showing low resolution in network.

  • Network - The 'recommended' and 'people near me' section are no longer missing in the Wall network.

  • Network - App crashes from following Fred Yu's account has been resolved.

  • Network/Teams - Fixed the issue of seeing other user images when tapping on the comment button.

  • Teams - UI fixed for Premium Team and Personal Premium License Upgrade.

  • Teams - Fixed issue where the number of comments only display after users open that comment field.

  • Comms - Notifications - API implemented for RFA verification.

  • Comms - Fixed the issue where notifications were not appearing in mobile device’s notification center.

  • Connections - Sync and invite contacts have been fixed. The unexpected error message is no longer showing.

  • Connections - Fixed the issue where badge disappears from displayed profile after page completes load.

  • Connections - Fixed issue where search results do not return all available matches.

  • Referral Radar - Fixed the issue where users were unable to do RFA and cannot move ‘Next’ after entering their phone number.

  • Sign up - Text now shows Advice instead of Advices in Breakout of Your Network.

  • Profile - Remove a connection function from the Following stat is now working.

  • Profile - Adding/Removing a connection is now updating the connection stat instantly

  • Profile - Viewing your profile from the network wall/activity center no longer shows the option to 'Accept'.

  • Open House - Fixed issue of the App crashing after clearing the filter and opening the Open House details.

  • Chat - Icons for chat is now uniform across the app.

  • Chat - Instances of Chat page is showing to be broken has been resolved.

  • Reactions/Replies - Users are now able to delete their own comment

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