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What s New · August 17, 2022 · AUTHOR: Darwin Pelea

SetSchedule Mobile App v3.3.1 (iOS) update

SetSchedule releases bug fixes to ensure a better user experience in the mobile app for the iOS platform


New Features:

  • You can now post links and click on them on the wall. You can also see previews of the links posted.

  • You can now know the number of your unread messages through the app badge counter.

  • You may now view your Follower stats displayed in the View Activity of your profile.


Bugs Fixed:

  • CRM - View Profile, Message and Remove Connection blockers have been resolved and are now working in the menu dropdown.

  • CRM - Tapping on add center point function has been fixed.

  • Profile - Followers and Following have been fixed to redirect to individual profile similar to connection.

  • Profile - Added the missing 'unfollow' call to action from the profile view.

  • Profile - Fixed issue where first and last name were not being updated.

  • Network/Profile - Fixed issue where long names or long sublines overlap with the follow button.

  • Network - Missing ‘Follow’ call to action on posts from non-followed posters has been resolved.

  • Network - Fixed issue where users of newly created accounts only see their own post/s.

  • Network - Resolved issue of profile image not updating in network post creation thumbnail

  • Network - Error with blocking users is now resolved.

  • Network - Contact Sync Throws an error after loading the contacts

  • Comms - Notifications - API implemented for RFA verification.

  • Comms - Proper positioning of reaction emoji has been implemented in user posts.

  • Notifications - Fixed the issue of SMS lead Notification redirecting to a blank screen

  • Teams - Fixed the issue where Team Opportunities did not open and had infinite load time showing.

  • Connections - The user connection loading error issue has been fixed.

  • Connections - Message showing after removing a connection has been updated.

  • Connections - Phone number contact invite now opens native SMS app of mobile phone.

  • Data Center - Fixed the issue where users were unable to purchase data records via credit card.

  • Data center - Fixed issue where buying data records with allotment option is missing.

  • Sign In - Fixed the blocker where the app closes unexpectedly when users attempt to sign In.

  • UMS - New Verification Step now shows Profile Verification instead of Profile Completion.

  • Chat - Video attachments are not playing from chat details of one to one and group chat

  • Chat - Fixed the issue where group chat details show the "Add" button users that are already connections.

  • Chat - Screen moves twice when adding someone to a chat.

  • Reactions - Reaction icon has been resized to match the alignment with icon label text. 

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