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What s New · March 04, 2022 · AUTHOR: Media Team

SetSchedule Web App v 3.0.3 update

SetSchedule added features and releases bug fixes to ensure a better user experience in the desktop/ web app


Added Features:

  • Referral Radar - Added the ability to filter out leads taken by team members


Bugs Fixed:

  • CRM - Fixed an issue where Opportunity activities could be schedule for a previous day
  • CRM - Fixed an issue where "Current Location Icon" did not work
  • Sign Up - Fixed an issue where Desktop users were unable to get their Verification code
  • Referral Radar - Fixed an issue where users that have the ability to sign the RFA did not have the Referral Radar in the top tool bar
  • Teams - Fixed an issue where clicking on the opportunities tab of the far right container did not display the team's opportunities
  • Sign Up - Fixed an issue where the Next button did not work after selecting a profession
  • Discovery Hub - Fixed an issue where URLs under Discovery Hub were not working
  • Referral Radar - Fixed an issue where not all promotional banners have their correct link set.
  • Profile - Fixed an issue there the Verified Badge Check mark was not next to the name
  • Open House - Fixed an issue where images could not be removed from an open house

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