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What s New · August 17, 2022 · AUTHOR: Darwin Pelea

SetSchedule Web App v3.3.1 update

SetSchedule added features and releases bug fixes to ensure a better user experience in the desktop/ web app.


Features Added:

  • Network - You can now post links and click on them on the wall. You can also see previews of the links posted.

  • Follow Notification - You are now notified whenever someone follows you on the network.

  • Connections - You can now accept connection requests from other users directly from their profiles.


Bugs Fixed

  • Chat - Removed demo image designs from showing up as group members in group chat images.

  • CRM - Map now appears in CRM on Safari browser.

  • Data Center - List Component on Data Center has been moved to the left side as indicated in the original design.

  • Network - Fixed issue where copying and pasting post texts into a new post creates a link instead of the copied text.

  • Network - Connections - Fixed a typo that was on the Profile page.

  • Network - Issue with home page updating/refreshing while returning from other pages has been resolved.

  • Profile - Fixed the issue where the Follow/Unfollow button reverts to the previous state when changing tabs in the Follower panel.

  • Profile - Addressed the issue where the entire contact section of a user's profile still shows up even if it's empty.

  • Referral Radar - Resolved the OTP issue that prevented Referral Radar activation.

  • Referral Radar - Fixed issue where ‘Agents Near Me’ recommendations show first names twice.

  • Side Menu - Support - Fixed issue where refund options are still showing for leads that were already refunded.

  • Sign Up - ‘profession’ typo has been updated to ‘professional’.

  • Teams - Edit team function for Team Owners has been fixed for instances where Team Description is blank.

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