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Advice For Pros · March 19, 2021 · AUTHOR: Yvonne Nguyen

Technology for Business Growth in Real Estate

Time is the most valuable resource when it comes to managing and growing a business.The integration of technology specifically for business growth gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to streamline their business processes, maximize efficiency, and increase productivity. With so many tools and platforms available, you have so many options to automate your business and allocate more time and resources to moving your business forward.

Scheduling Service

The nature of the real estate industry makes it nearly impossible to establish a permanent schedule, but at least the tools available can give agents a snapshot of their day. For those who use different devices, synced calendars like Google Calendar makes it simple to access and share your schedule at any given time. The introduction of scheduling services like Calendly allows agents to attach their calendar to emails so prospects can easily book a time slot to speak to the agents — all at their convenience. 

Gone are the days of playing phone tag just to confirm an appointment, now agents and buyers can efficiently schedule a time to connect. Besides, the industry has moved beyond phone calls - a multi-channel approach to prospecting is much more effective than cold calls, especially when millennials are notorious for only answering the phone when they are expecting a call. Social media and a multi-touch approach play a big role in client recognition and increasing the response rate. 

Social Media Marketing Manager

Regardless of the channels you use to initiate contact with your clients, you can always leverage an established social media presence to position yourself as an expert in your market. Social media is a great tool for small businesses as it is a cost effective way to reach new audiences, as well as gives you control over what images and messages are posted and associated with your brand. 

Whether you use your social media platforms to create educational content for your clients or display testimonials from previous clients, a social media marketing manager allows you to schedule posts in advance so that you are consistently posting and engaging with your online audience. With so many options to choose from — HootSuite, Later, Buffer — you can’t go wrong! 

Project Management Platform

Over the last year, so many industries have had to adapt to a new digital landscape, including employees having to work on virtual teams which comes with its own set of challenges. Luckily, project management and cloud based platforms are available for teams to be able to track everyone’s progress in real time. 

With services like Trello, ProofHub, and Workzone, teams are able to list all tasks and duties, divide tasks among members, and track progress on the project to ensure smooth operations. Effective communication is essential for virtual teams, and online project management platforms will go a long way in helping teams stay organized and maximize efficiency. 

The implementation of software solutions for business growth has allowed entrepreneurs the autonomy to maximize their time. With the ability to leverage technology to automate tedious tasks and schedule appointments through a service without the need for a phone call you are able to allocate more time to focus on moving your business forward.

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