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Advice For Pros · July 21, 2021 · AUTHOR: Cassandra Spencer

The Best Mobile Apps for Real Estate Professionals

​​​​​​Looking to maximize time and level up your real estate game? Here are four apps that can help to streamline your productivity and improve your real estate business.


Calendly Real estate professionals are true road warriors, and it’s easy to get caught in a game of phone tag when you’re not always at your desk or your calendar handy. Calendly is an app that syncs with your calendar and allows clients to schedule appointments and phone calls, so that they are able to see your availability and request a meeting at a time that works for both parties.


TurboScan Imagine how much time could be saved by having clients simply take pictures of the documents you need, and being able to convert those to a PDF to email or fax, all without needing anything aside from your cell phone. Turboscan has you covered. By allowing you to create PDFs not only from pictures taken on your mobile device but to convert pictures sent to you by a client into a PDF, you will be able to streamline the amount of time spent handling documents. No more last minute trips to the office just to scan documents.


Lightroom Images transfix in a way words cannot, or as the old saying goes “a picture is worth 1000 words.” Are you wanting to improve the quality of your photos without investing in additional equipment such as a DSLR camera? Adobe Lightroom allows you to shoot in the same RAW file format as opposed to a regular compressed image such as a JPEG or PNG. Lightroom allows you to take professional quality photos using your mobile device. Filter presets are available to help give your images a consistent look as you build your personal brand.


SetSchedule has helped agents connect with prospective buyers and sellers, using machine learning to help connect the right local-agent to those who are interested in entering the market. With annual transactions totalling over $2 billion dollars nationwide, SetSchedule is expanding its functionality to be a go-to for many of the networking aspects of real estate professionals.

With the upcoming “Communities” launch, SetSchedule will become not only a go-to for the real estate space, but it will be a place where professionals from any industry can truly connect.

Using the new Communities features, SetSchedule users will be able to not only reach out to their professional networks to ask questions like “is there a mortgage lender who specializes in VA home loans in my area?” Professionals will be able to broadcast to their networks about upcoming promotions, share successes, and truly broaden their network in a meaningful way.

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