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Advice For Pros · October 12, 2021 · AUTHOR: Yla Minorca

The Top 5 Traits That Make Realtors Great at Cold Calling

While some people out there claim that cold calling is dead—it’s a myth. Cold calling is alive and well, and making cold calls is one thing that can make you a top real estate agent.

If you want to learn how to be great at cold calling as a realtor, here are 5 traits you need to possess and nourish.


1. The Expectation of Success

To be great at cold calling, a realtor needs to have the right mindset. Your outlook can change everything, including your attitude, your performance, and the results of your calls. By expecting success before you even dial a number, you set yourself up to reap the rewards of making great cold calls.


2. Enough Discipline to Practice

Next, you need discipline. By practicing your openers over and over, you’ll sound more natural. You can get away from sounding awkward or like a robot, which is what you’re most likely going to sound like on your first cold call. Practicing will help you sound genuine for all your scripts. You want to ensure that you sound like a human who cares—not a cutthroat realtor. When you write out and review scripts, you’ll get better and better at the cold calling process. Practice makes perfect!


3. Time Management

Having discipline also means setting up a structure and sticking to it. You might not think of time management as an essential trait for cold calling—but it definitely is. You need to plan out your cold calling time, set realistic goals, and reach them. It can be tempting to procrastinate cold calls. After all, they’re usually not someone’s favorite thing to do. That’s why having great time management skills and discipline is essential for making great cold calls. Plus, you can plan strong follow-up calls to ensure you convert a lead.


4. Knowing How to Be Concise

When most real estate agents start out, they think that their goal is to talk to the client as much as possible. That’s wrong. This method is counterintuitive because you’ll bore or scare off a client the longer you’re on the phone. The trick to great cold calls is having the intuition to know when to end the call. Keeping things short and sweet means you won’t waste your client’s time.


5. A Level Head

Finally, you need a level head to be good at cold calling. Before you start calling, have a mindset check or do a quick meditation. Once cold calling starts, it’s common for agents to psyche themself out. They worry that the calls will go wrong, or their fear of the phone kicks in. Don’t let your nerves get to you. Keeping a calm, level head could mean the difference between a promising lead and a dead end.


Although some people are naturally blessed with these traits, anyone can become a talented realtor who’s great at cold calling by working on these five skills. Being able to ohone these skills and master them will help you to grow your real estate business.

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