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Advice For Pros · October 04, 2022 · AUTHOR: Stanley Bawalan

Top 10 Professions Real Estate Agents should know about

It's important for real estate agents to recognize that they are part of a larger community and that the relationships they build are important to their success.

While you're working to close a dream sale, you may encounter a few obstacles along the way. Whether it's finding the perfect space, getting your finances in order, or simply learning how to navigate your own business, there are a lot of professionals out there to help.

Home Stagers

Home staging transforms a home from its current state into a beautiful, functional space that reflects a client’s taste and style. Home stagers are experienced in decorating and can help you create a unique and tasteful look for your home. 

They will work with you on color schemes and furniture placement, but also on how to make your home feel like a warm, comfortable place where people want to stay.

Additionally, staging a property increases the offer price on a house by as much as 10%. Professionally staged homes also sell three times faster than unstaged ones.


Tradesmen are skilled workers who know how to fix things when they break down or need repair. They are vital members of any real estate team because they can take care of any issues that arise during the selling or buying process. 

They are also experts in electrical and plumbing systems so they can give buyers advice in these areas as well. Aside from electricians and plumbers, the term tradesmen also cover other professionals like stagers, roofers, carpenters, masons, painters, plasterers, and glaziers.

Home Inspectors

Before a house is purchased, an inspector examines it so the buyer is aware of the condition and amount of work it will require. 

These professionals inspect everything from structural integrity to plumbing issues, so buyers can get peace of mind knowing that no matter what problems come up later down the line, there's someone standing by ready to help them.

Escrow Officers

Escrow officers, also known as escrow agents, are responsible for overseeing the payment of funds to the seller for their home and property. 

They are also responsible for ensuring that the construction project managers have access to these funds and that they have been delivered on time.


Real estate appraisers ensure that a home or property is worth what it is being sold for by using a variety of methods and techniques to determine its value. This can include comparing the property to similar ones in the area, taking into account the age of the building, its condition and location, and other factors such as its amenities. 

This helps ensure that all parties involved in any real estate transaction are satisfied with their end results.

Project Managers

Construction project managers oversee all aspects of construction projects including budgeting money for each part of the process, hiring contractors, creating timelines and timelines for deadlines, overseeing fieldwork and inspections along with any other tasks related to overseeing construction projects from start to finish.

Your project manager will be able to provide you with all the details about how the property was designed or built, which will enable you to communicate the right information to your clients.


An investor is a person or company who buys property or other goods and resells them at a profit. Investors can be for-profit or nonprofit, and they can be individuals, families, corporations, or other legal entities.

Investors help real estate agents because they have money to spend on properties. They also serve as a way of bringing in new clients to the real estate industry. Investors are usually looking for large returns on their investments and are willing to spend more than they have in order to achieve that goal.

Loan Officers

Loan officers work with lenders such as banks to approve loans for mortgages and other types of loans. They also negotiate payments between borrowers and lenders so that both sides benefit from the transaction. 

Loan officers are usually responsible for composing documents related to the loan process and preparing documents for signature by the borrower(s).


Brokers are a level higher than real estate agents. They have additional training and certification and they can either work on their own or establish their own firm. Real Estate agents usually work under a real estate broker/brokerage.

Title Officers

Real estate title officers are the people who ensure that a property is legally registered with the state and that it is free from encumbrances (any sort of claim against property) and liens (not all encumbrances are liens). This can be an incredibly important job in real estate, especially when it comes to buying and selling properties, as well as lending money to them. 

Final Thoughts

Real estate agents should understand the importance of working with a variety of people in their business. It's important because while it's possible to make a lot of money in this industry, it's also possible to lose everything. 

The best thing you can do is learn how to identify the most important people in your business, and then make sure you aren't taking them for granted. 

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