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Advice For Pros · September 21, 2021 · AUTHOR: SetSchedule Editor

What Home Sellers Are Looking For (in 2021)

Did you know that 94% of sellers expect to get more than what they paid for their home in 2021? This is due to housing prices rising at double digits for nearly 10 months. While the rapid rate of growth seems to be slowing a bit, it is still very much a seller’s market.

What are potential homesellers looking for in a qualified real estate agent? Here are some of the most sought after traits that will help you to find more sellers in this market.

Most sellers fully intend to ask for more money than they think their house is worth.

With an average listing time of under 43 days, most sellers know that they are in an advantageous position in today’s market. Multiple bids have become the norm, rather than the exception. Older homeowners expect to see the largest returns on their investment, with nearly half of baby boomers and elderly homeowners expecting a 70% or more increase on the value of their home.

Encouraging these older homeowners to sell during this historic market by emphasizing what a golden opportunity this is will help you to nurture more leads for home sellers.

Sellers are not willing to pay for repairs or improvements for things found in the inspection

Because the demand for housing far outweighs the supply, many home sellers are not willing to put in the money and effort into making repairs or improvements to a home, especially if it is one they have been living in for decades or longer.

As a seller’s agent, you are there to look out for their best interest. Since the market allows it, assure the potential seller that you will help them to vet offers if they are not willing to make an additional investment in their property. Assuring them that their home will still likely sell even without making repairs or improvements may be the thing that turns some “maybe” sellers into definite sellers.

Sellers want a quick close

The market is moving quickly, so many sellers are looking for buyers who are ready to make a deal quickly. While having multiple offers on a home is a blessing, it can also be stressful to have to wade through sometimes dozens of offers. As an agent, finding a buyer that is ready to do the deal without needing additional time can help to alleviate this concern for a home seller and can help you to establish a great relationship with them.

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