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Advice For Pros · February 03, 2017 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

That Awkward Moment When You Tell A Realtor It's You NOT ME. SetSchedule CEO, Roy Dekel On Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

roy dekel . oc.4The right Realtor can help you buy your fantasy home or sell your current house quickly. The wrong agent can turn the real estate transaction into a living nightmare. The perfect agent knows just by looking at high prices that that is the worst month to sell a house. So how do you know when a real estate agent is a match from heaven? It’s a bit like a romantic relationship. You both have a lot invested in this affiliation, and you may have seemed compatible in the beginning, but let’s face it, it is just not working out. Below are the top 5 reasons you should breakup with your agent;

  1. The agent isn’t accessible.

You have done your homework, and have carefully chosen an agents that fit all your criteria. Your agent is a rock star sales person in your neighborhood. Check! They have been in business for an impressive length of time, and have a huge team of agents to boot! But, you are unable to speak or meet with the actual agent you signed with, or worse the agent expects to fit finding your dream home in THEIR schedule. If you are only available weekends, and the agent is never available at the time you need, it is time to break up.

  1. You changed your search criteria.

Agents often have knowledge of a particular region. Local agents may have an understanding and awareness for the unique quirks of a neighborhood that an outside agent may not. An agent told me a story once about a client they had. The agent had a great relationship with a homeowner. They sold their property for top dollar, in record time. The sellers were so happy, they decided they would work with the Realtor on the purchase of a home as well. Their interest fell to a historic city that the existing agent had never worked in before. Luckily, the agent quickly found them a dream home, but it wasn’t until after escrow closed that clients realized the garage was too shallow to fit their car. Unfortunately this agent didn’t know what other agents in the area did. That the garages in this city were mostly conversions of buildings originally meant for carriages, and would only fit short cars like the 2 door Mini.

  1. The agent is not trustworthy.

You have signed on the dotted line with your agent, after a dazzling marketing presentation, but since then, your agent hasn’t done what they promised. You may still be waiting for professional photography or videography, you have not had that brokers open, or open house. The agent hasn’t communicated the neighborhood just listed cards, and there has been no word on the email campaigns? If the agent isn’t getting traction on your home, and isn’t following through with their marketing promises, you may want to look into another agent after the listing contract expires.

  1. The agent is just too pushy.

Is your agent pushing you to accept an offer or buy a particular house? Do you question the goal of the agent? As a homeowner or buyer, the agent’s job is to find the right house, and the right offer, not to simply collect commissions and move on. If you feel like you are just another notch on a Realtors belt, it may be time to move on.  

  1. Lack of Communication.

Unfortunately the biggest issue with the client real estate relationship is communication.  If your agent isn’t returning your calls, texts, or emails, or if you are not receiving updates on the showing of your home or potential new listings that may be of interest, your agent is not communicating at a reasonable frequency a seller or buyer should expect. Setting clear expectations from the start is often a way to avoid a break up later on.  Agents should always set a day and time to chat. It is a great way to keep communications lines open. If an agent is not communicating regularly, this is something to be concerned about.   While all realtors have to take the same exam to become a real estate agents, not all Realtors are the same. First and most importantly you must find an agent that makes you comfortable. After all a real estate transaction is likely the biggest purchase you will make. You must feel confident that your agent understands you, your needs, and your financial goals. At the end of the day the best agent is the one who will do the most effective job of marketing the property, negotiating favorable, and keeps the lines of communication open to ensure a smooth transaction, and set you, the client at ease.  

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