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Advice For Pros · December 12, 2022 · AUTHOR: Stanley Bawalan

Maximizing Business Networking Through Online Platforms

Business networking is almost always needed in order to excel at their jobs and make the most of their careers. In niches like real estate, the question of how many isn't necessarily the one to answer.

There are numerous online platforms that allow users to efficiently connect with each other as well as potential partners and clients. So, choosing the right platform to build your network is really crucial.

You may be thinking, “I already use LinkedIn!” But when it comes to the professional world, there are a number of other sites, some you may not expect, that can help you grow your network and make networking easier than ever. Some examples include:

Facebook, yes Facebook. There are tons of business networking happening on Faceboook Groups. These groups may act as a support system for a particular product the members are using.

Take a dietary supplement group for example. Questions like: Does it work? What are the tips to make it work more efficiently? may flood the group's feed in a day. We also have TwitterInstagram, Google+ (formerly Google Plus)

Business networking platforms for small businesses

LinkedIn is one option, but SetSchedule is another.

While LinkedIn has a lot of features, it can be difficult to use for business professionals because it doesn’t have the functionality that SetSchedule offers.

SetSchedule has a clean interface with easy-to-use tools for every business that needs appointments, seamless scheduling and communication including, calendar integration and referral tool just to name a few.

LinkedIn is not necessarily the best option

LinkedIn is a great place to build your professional network and establish connections with people. However, it doesn’t have the tools that real estate professionals need.

Additionally, the platform is still classified as a recruitment tool with networking capabilities similar to that of Facebook.

SetSchedule is a newer networking platform that’s gaining popularity in the real estate industry. It was launched in 2017, and it has become a popular choice for many real estate professionals who want to use social media as part of their marketing strategy.

SetSchedule allows you to network with other professionals, share content and connect with people who are interested in your services by broadcasting posts into the feed of those who follow you or by searching for others based on location or keywords.

You can also see what’s being shared around you so that you can engage with other members who have similar interests.

LinkedIn doesn't allow users to do business.

LinkedIn is often regarded as one of the go-to places for professional networking. But is it really good for business professionals?

LinkedIn (and Facebook) are notorious for being great at getting users to sign up, but not so great at helping them connect with actual other people.

In fact, this is where LinkedIn fails most significantly: it's not a good place to find clients or leads. 

The reason why is simple: when someone searches on LinkedIn, they don't just want someone who knows more than they do about something—they want someone who KNOWS THAT TASK BETTER THAN THEY DO!

When you're looking for someone who can help out with your latest project (i.e., a lead), you need someone who has already done what you need help with before and knows how things work in your industry/niche/field/whatever term fits best here).

The only way that happens on LinkedIn is through word-of-mouth recommendations from people who know each other well enough that recommending each other makes sense; otherwise, there's no guarantee that any particular connection will be helpful or relevant enough to act upon immediately. 

And even then there's no guarantee that recommendation will lead directly into business because personal connections tend not to go very far outside their own circles unless they're explicitly asked something specific along those lines (like if they're asked directly by an agency owner).

LinkedIn may be problematic for small business networking

LinkedIn is a wonderful tool for networking and building your business, but it's not the only one.

As mentioned above, there are several other platforms you can use to market yourself to potential clients and make professional connections with other agents and brokers in your local area.

If you're using LinkedIn as the sole platform for networking, you're missing out on many opportunities to expand your reach.

Consider SetSchedule as their new place for business networking

SetSchedule is a new platform for professionals that provides an environment where you can easily connect with others, find great deals, and keep up with the latest industry trends.

Consider it your new LinkedIn. It’s a better choice than LinkedIn because it allows you to be more productive when reaching out to others in the industry.

SetSchedule also has useful features such as messaging capabilities, which allow users to communicate via text message as opposed to just emailing back and forth; integrated Google Maps; built-in voice chats so that users can talk face-to-face over video calls instead of simply sending emails back and forth; plus much more!

SetSchedule is growing rapidly since its launch last year due to its simple interface and easy navigation features that make professional networking fun again (or maybe even easier).

Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for a professional networking platform that will make it easier to connect with other professionals, SetSchedule is an excellent option.

It allows users to create their own custom profiles, which include everything from videos to pictures of themselves at events or conferences.

The users can also share these profiles publicly on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter so that their followers can easily check them out.

This means that potential clients and customers can get an idea of what kind of work goes into being an agent without even having met one in person!


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