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Advice For Pros / / November 30, 2021

Real Estate Trends for 2022

Author: Richard Tate

As we approach the tail end of the year, it’s important to look ahead and know what to expect in…

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Advice For Pros / August 17, 2021

How to Market Yourself as a Brand New Real Estate Agent 

Author: Richard Tate
Starting out as a real estate agent can be extremely difficult and overwhelming. You may have no sphere of influence, no network, and no knowledge or experience on how to market yourself as a brand new real estate agent. What…
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Advice For Pros / August 02, 2021

4 Major Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Fail Their First Year (…and how to avoid it.)

Author: Richard Tate
Being a real estate agent can be incredibly rewarding: unlimited income potential, a flexible schedule, and the opportunity to network with many different people, and don't forget assisting someone with one of the largest transactions of their lives. So, why…
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Advice For Pros / July 21, 2021

The Best Mobile Apps for Real Estate Professionals

Author: Cassandra Spencer
​​​​​​Looking to maximize time and level up your real estate game? Here are four apps that can help to streamline your productivity and improve your real estate business. Calendly Calendly Real estate professionals are true road warriors, and it’s easy…
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Advice For Pros / June 16, 2021

Close More Deals in a Hot Market

Author: Shayna Goldburg
Are you a real estate agent in an area that is fighting for buyers and sellers? In a world of multiple offers, and bidding wars, it may seem impossible to get your foot in the door let alone close a…
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Advice For Pros / June 11, 2021

Our Top 3 Picks to Read For Real Estate Professionals Just Starting Out

Author: Sofia Chavez
As soon as you earn your license as a real estate agent, you're ready to sell or at least network and make yourself known as an agent. However, learning the real estate industry is not easy nor something you can…
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Advice For Pros / March 19, 2021

Technology for Business Growth in Real Estate

Author: Yvonne Nguyen
Time is the most valuable resource when it comes to managing and growing a business.The integration of technology specifically for business growth gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to streamline their business processes, maximize efficiency, and increase productivity. With so many tools…
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