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What s New / / August 09, 2022

SetSchedule Mobile App v3.3.0.2 (iOS) update

Author: Darwin Pelea

SetSchedule releases bug fixes to ensure a better user experience in the mobile app for the iOS platform   Features…

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Advice For Pros / March 21, 2022

SetSchedule vs. Alignable

Author: Delaney Standish
In this blog, the business development platforms SetSchedule and Alignable are compared to see which holds the better opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Introduction to Alignable Alignable is a small business referral network with access to over 25,000 communities. It…
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Advice For Pros / March 14, 2022

What's The Difference Between An Independent Contractor And A General Contractor?

Author: Alan Perez
The difference between an independent contractor and a general contractor can be confusing for someone new to construction. In reality, there is a distinct difference between the two roles. Contractors are classified as either general or independent, and each type…
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Advice For Pros / March 07, 2022

What's the Difference Between Mortgage Brokers And Lenders?

Author: Alan Perez
A mortgage broker is a company or individual that helps you find the best mortgage for your situation. On the other hand, a lender is an institution that provides you with a mortgage. So, banks and credit unions are great…
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What's New / March 04, 2022

SetSchedule Web App v 3.0.3 update

Author: Media Team
SetSchedule added features and releases bug fixes to ensure a better user experience in the desktop/ web app | Added Features: Referral Radar - Added the ability to filter out leads taken by team members | Bugs Fixed: CRM -…
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SetSchedule Academy / Webinar Calendar / March 01, 2022

Webinar Calendar for March 2022

Author: Darwin Pelea
Join us for our upcoming educational webinars and learn how to better use the SetSchedule app! Click on the links within the calendar to reserve your place today!   March 2022 SUN MON TUES WED THURS FRI SAT    …
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Advice For Pros / February 28, 2022

What Does Team Management Look Like in 2022?

Author: Alan Perez
Remote Team Management is a group management approach by which a team or group of people are employed predominantly at a distance from each other. When the team members are working based on their schedules and locations, it plays a…
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