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In the News / Press Releases / January 18, 2022

SetSchedule Challenges How Entrepreneurs Think About Business Development

Author: Media Team

The SaaS company recently launched an exciting new business development platform, challenging how entrepreneurs grow their business connections. Entrepreneurs can…

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Advice For Pros / September 13, 2021

Common Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make

Author: SetSchedule Editor
Making your own schedule, helping others find or sell their home, and unlimited earning potential are some of the reasons that people are drawn to the real estate business. On the other hand, there is risk. Real estate transactions do…
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Advice For Pros / September 07, 2021

Four Real Estate Trends for Fall 2021

Author: Cassandra Spencer
Real Estate Trend #1: Low Inventory for Buyers In 2021 there was 30% less inventory in the past year, which puts buyers at a disadvantage. What should you do to help those looking to enter the market? Be prepared to…
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Advice For Pros / August 30, 2021

Back to School Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Author: Cassandra Spencer
Class is in session With so many people looking to move and potentially enter the real estate market for the first time, holding a virtual class via Zoom or even Facebook live is a great way to educate potential clients…
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Advice For Pros / August 17, 2021

How to Market Yourself as a Brand New Real Estate Agent 

Author: Richard Tate
Starting out as a real estate agent can be extremely difficult and overwhelming. You may have no sphere of influence, no network, and no knowledge or experience on how to market yourself as a brand new real estate agent. What…
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Advice For Pros / August 02, 2021

4 Major Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Fail Their First Year (…and how to avoid it.)

Author: Richard Tate
Being a real estate agent can be incredibly rewarding: unlimited income potential, a flexible schedule, and the opportunity to network with many different people, and don't forget assisting someone with one of the largest transactions of their lives. So, why…
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Advice For Pros / July 21, 2021

The Best Mobile Apps for Real Estate Professionals

Author: Cassandra Spencer
​​​​​​Looking to maximize time and level up your real estate game? Here are four apps that can help to streamline your productivity and improve your real estate business. Calendly Calendly Real estate professionals are true road warriors, and it’s easy…
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