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Advice For Pros · April 08, 2020 · AUTHOR: Udi Dorner

Staying Competitive in the Real Estate Industry While Working from Home

In an industry where face-to-face interaction is crucial, how are real estate professionals expected to keep their businesses running efficiently while also maintaining a healthy social distance? During these times of uncertainty and isolation, workers across the world are learning to adapt to a new way of life. However, people will always need homes, so luckily the world will always need real estate professionals. Here are some tips to help you stay competitive in the real estate industry while staying safe, healthy, and productive.

  • Utilize technology to stay connected and organized Luckily, technology has become one of the largest aspects of maintaining businesses in this day and age, so professionals won’t be expected to learn how to use brand new tools to adapt. However, you can adapt by upping your knowledge and skills in your everyday technology in order to stay connected to your clients and to keep your business organized. If you’re not already using these five types of tech, start honing your skills now and finding new ways to use this technology to build your business while you have the time.
  • Offer video walkthroughs as a substitute for Open Houses Nothing beats the influx of potential referrals off the street when hosting an open house to show off the beautiful property you’ve put so much effort into. But don’t let social distancing take your property off the market! With an abundance of video services like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live, and Instagram, you can reach an even larger audience by publishing video walkthroughs as a substitute for in-person open houses. Utilizing these platforms will not only increase the perception of the property but can also expand your visibility into untapped markets you may have missed before. Plus, offering private video conferencing with interested parties will help in building your clients’ trust in your business.
  • Keep track of your clients using a CRM Using a Customer Relationship Management tool, or CRM, is essential in keeping your business running smoothly on a day-to-day basis, but how can it help you in staying efficient while working from home? Maintaining an organized database of your referrals, clients, and potential growth is a surefire way to keep your business up and running. Start by compiling new data sources into your CRM, updating current interaction notes, and revisiting your brand’s outreach methods. Once the world returns to the normal way of conducting business, you can pick back up right where you left off without losing any time, money, or trust with your clients. 
  • Don’t forget to stay in touch with your clients to remind them that you’re still there for support The home buying, selling, and renting process is tough enough as is. With the current social and financial climate brought on due to the COVID-19 pandemic, imagine the stress and uncertainty for home buyers, sellers, and renters at this time. As a trusted real estate professional, you can keep your name in the forefront of your referrals’ minds by offering your support and service by staying relevant on social media channels and by checking in to maintain your relationships. While your competition may be shying away from the business to focus on other things during these crazy times, now is the time to push even more to develop your brand and hold onto your customer base. By checking in with your past clients with the goal of care and concern, not only are you staying way ahead of the competition curve, but you’re also keeping the door open to a future business relationship as well.
  • Reach out to keep up with your industry connections Your customer base is incredibly important, and while you should maintain your connections with clients as much as possible it’s important to remember to stay connected within the industry as well! Just like you, other industry professionals are working hard to adapt to maintain their businesses during this time. Stay connected with professionals that are continuing to operate in providing loans, offering inspections and appraisals, and other key functions in the real estate industry. Not only will staying connected keep you relevant in the industry but it will also help you grow your network!

While there has been a drop in home buying activity over the past few weeks, with the endless tools and resources for managing your business from home there are endless opportunities for maintaining a personal connection with your clients, referrals, and businesses to stay competitive in the real estate industry. These tactics will not only help you hone your business skills while working from home but will also help you continue growing upwards and outwards in the future. If you stay confident, connected, and safe, your business will thrive as well.

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