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Advice For Pros · April 04, 2022 · AUTHOR: Delaney Standish

SetSchedule Vs Opcity/ReadyConnect

What is OpCity/ReadyConnect? 

ReadyConnect, formerly known as Opcity, uses machine learning to pair agents with qualified leads.

The system weighs factors like agent location, performance, and customer reviews to match leads with the most suitable agent for their needs.

The program is supplied leads by its parent company,, and takes additional steps to increase the connection and conversion of the lead. 

What is SetSchedule? 

SetSchedule is a platform intended for business development, and networking is just one ecosystem within the software suite.

While SetSchedule is currently operating in the real estate space, it expands beyond small businesses. It looks to help agents and other real estate professionals connect and grow their businesses as a team. SetSchedule provides AI-driven patented technology to bring homeowners, buyers, and investors together with the right local real estate professionals.

Getting Started 

The free dashboard allows users to claim a profile and claim leads through the ReadyConnect extension. When a user joins the platform as an agent, they will be asked to create a password for the Referral Manager account. 

Like ReadyConnect, real estate professionals can sign up and download the SetSchedule app for free. It's available for both iPhone and Android devices. From there, you'll select your profession.

The user can only add one profession during set-up, but more titles can be added to the profile after sign-up completion. It will then ask you for a CenterPoint location. Most users will use their office address or a central location in the area where they primarily work. The center point can be changed at a later date and serves to identify the correct area for business notifications. 

The SetSchedule platform includes a verification process consisting of:

  • Adding a profile picture

  • Connecting social media accounts

  • Adding a bio

  • Adding five connections

Once all steps are completed, a user can apply for verification. Verification ensures that the solopreneur has all the appropriate accreditations and is who they say they are. Once verified, the profile will receive a little gray verification checkmark. 

If you are a real estate agent or broker, you're going to see an icon at the bottom that says "referral radar." Users can click on that icon and the "activate" button. Users will accept the MSA and enter a phone number. From here, your account is ready to accept leads, and you can now start to receive leads on the platform. But don't forget to fully set up your account by uploading a photo and information about yourself so that you can work with other individuals.

Any U.S. agent with an active MLS membership can sign up for OpCity/ReadyConnect or SetSchedule's Referral Radar. Both platforms consider agents their bread and butter. Other real estate professionals can join SetSchedule's networking ecosystem or's Live Buyer program if the user is a lender. 


With ReadyConnect, agents set up a home base zip code and a preferred coverage area. Agents can exclude zip codes in their coverage area if they are a part of the experienced agent program. Once the zip code is set, a user must reach out to customer support to change their coverage area. 

Unlike other lead gen companies, SetSchedule goes by center points. Agents decide where their center points are placed and can take their coverage area into a one-mile or 25-mile radius. It allows agents to be as granular or expansive as the agent wishes. Wherever the radius reaches is where the agent will receive notifications, but the entire state's leads can be viewed within the app. 


Once ReadyConnect's algorithm chooses the agents, the system will begin the dispatch process to notify agents that a lead is available. The top-performing agent claim leads within 23 seconds. 

Agents receive the notification a few seconds apart based on the agent’s rank. Agents are ranked based on the number of referrals they have attempted to claim, their follow up and updates on referrals, their conversion period, and closed deals on the platform. 

With SetSchedule, leads on the platform are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If an agent's center point covers the lead's location, the agent will be notified. An agent can change settings to be notified by text, email, and/or push notification.

SetHello and Concierge Handshake connection type leads, which are offered to agents based on their system usage, are distributed in a round-robin method. This Round Robin is automatically executed by the system, starting with the highest scoring local agent. Agents are ranked by evaluating the agent's in-app engagement, accountability, and transactions with SetSchedule. 

Both apps allow users to see consumer details in-app before accepting the lead to ensure it's a good fit. However, passing on leads on the ReadyConnect platform counts against an agent's rank. With SetSchedule, agents are never penalized for passing on a lead. 


OpCity/ReadyConnect aims to verify leads and their intentions before passing them along to agents. OpCity/ReadyConnect has over 400 representatives who contact all leads to ensure they are actually interested. The referral fee pays for the data but also the verification of the lead. 

Leads make their way onto the SetSchedule platform by way of partnered vendors. Immediately the prospect will be sent an email and a text letting them know that they are on the platform and then asking if they are indeed looking to transact in real estate and what they are looking to accomplish.

The goal here is to weed out uninterested or non-responsive inquiries. After a response, the nurturing system will then ask if the prospect would like to be connected to an agent "now" with a link to the SetHello functionality that will connect them to a live agent. If SetSchedule does not promptly hear back from the prospect, a concierge team member reaches out to them to verify. 

Both platforms go beyond just lead generation or aggregation and aim to verify leads to increase conversion rates. While leads are placed into a nurturing system, SetSchedule uses tech to improve efficiency and speed. More than 2/3rds of consumers work with the first agent they connect with, so it's essential to make contact as soon as possible. 

Live Transfers

When an agent picks up a lead, an OpCity/ReadyConnect coordinator will call the agent right away to provide further details and introduce the prospect via a three-way phone call. OpCity recommends agents answer the phone with their MLS already open, ready to search for the listing and answer the consumer's questions. 

SetSchedule has two types of live transfers; SetHello and Concierge Handshakes. If a home shopper says they would like to speak to an agent "Now," they will be connected to our SetHello platform. This is a video and audio call system to connect the agent and home shopper right then and there. Concierge Handshake Leads are more similar to traditional live call transfers. There is a concierge team member with a prospect ready to talk to an agent.

Live transfers are a great way to get connected to agents and across all platforms; they tend to have a higher conversion rate. It's taking the initial work out of the equations and bringing you someone who is not just interested but ready to talk right then. 

Communication with Company: 

OpCity/ReadyConnect requires users to update the status of their active referrals every seven days, even if there's no change. Continuing to update allows agents to continue to receive referrals and improves their rank. 

SetSchedule requires a monthly one-on-one with the agent's assigned consultant to keep them updated on the status of the leads. Agents are also asked to notify their consultant of a triggering event, like a listing agreement, within 24 hours. 

Both companies require updates on the lead to ensure an equal partnership and improve their machine learning tech. SetSchedule relies on in-app communication. In-App communication could be passing on leads that are not desirable to you or taking the leads. This feedback allows SetSchedule to push and pull on the different pipelines and invest in what's working for each partner's benefit. 

Source of Leads:

OpCity/ReadyConnect is owned by, the sole source of its lead pipeline. Those leads are not exclusive unless an agent is on one of the premium platforms. 

SetSchedule works with 17 different sources to offer both buyer and seller leads. One of these partners is, but the company also pulls leads from Zillow, Z-Buyer, and Trulia. Working with this many sources allows the company to put leads into a territory in mass. They are also exclusive to the platform, meaning if SetSchedule has a lead from Zillow, it's exclusive to the SetSchedule platform.


Opcity/ReadyConnect does not charge per lead, like Zillow and many other lead generation platforms. Still, it charges a referral fee for any leads that turn into paying customers, typically 30%-40% of a buyer's agent commission.'s exclusive lead program starts at $200 a month on a 12-month contract and goes from there. 

SetSchedule is almost entirely free. The only ecosystem with a cost associated is the Referral Radar, the lead marketplace that is available to real estate professionals. The Referral Radar offers agents buyer and seller leads from 17 different sources. There are pay-per-lead options and premium plans that allow agents to take on leads en masse. 

Each program works on a referral fee basis, but the SetSchedule does require an initial deposit for its premium programs. While SetSchedule's program requires an upfront investment for the premium programs, the lower referral fee significantly impacts overall revenue. 

Key Takeaways

If an agent wants to maximize their opportunities, using both platforms is the optimal strategy—the more leads that go through an agent's pipelines, the more conversion chances.

The biggest hurdle with OpCity/ReadyConnect is the speed at which an agent must accept the lead. The platform is free, which means there is little to no barrier to entry.

The low barrier creates oversaturation within markets and high competition just to pick up the lead. With SetSchedule, the biggest hurdle is the initial deposit for the Referral Radar.

Based on the conversion rates and lead nurturing, it's a minimal investment for a significant potential return. Interested in more comparisons like this? Check out how SetSchedule compares to other networking/professional network systems in this comparison.


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