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Advice For Pros · April 18, 2022 · AUTHOR: Darwin Pelea

Tips for Marketing through Social Business Networking Platforms

Social business networking sites like LinkedIn give you a chance to connect with people who share your passion and interests. You can also use these platforms for marketing your business and growing your followers. Social business networking sites are ideal for companies that want to establish lasting connections with like-minded professionals. But not everyone is aware of the best platforms and practices, leaving business owners wondering how to successfully market and network with these platforms. Luckily, we'll review the different ways you can market your business through social business networking platforms.

What are social business networking platforms?

Social Business Networking is the strategy you can use through different online platforms to connect and start conversations based on common interests. It helps in building solid relationships, generating new opportunities, and in the process, growing your business.

Social business networking is a powerful tool to get people talking about you and your brand. It helps you reach out to a broader audience. Social business networking allows you to find new customers and partners, promote your products and services, look for potential employees and learn what people think about you.

Why use social business networking platforms?

  1. Increased Brand Recognition: Your social business networking platform is the perfect place to share your brand's message and broaden your audience.

  2. Improved Search Engine Rankings: By increasing the number of links to a website, you can improve search engine rankings.

  3. Higher Conversion Rates: Social media has a much higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. A higher number of followers can better establish brand authority and expertise in your industry.

  4. More Brand Authority: Your social media business networking platform creates opportunities to improve your brand credibility, trustworthiness, and authenticity, which helps you build stronger customer relationships.

  5. Better Customer Satisfaction: The more you communicate with people on your social business networking platform, the more comfortable they feel with your business, promoting brand loyalty and advocacy.

Types of social business networking platforms


Unlike your standard networking platforms, the SetSchedule App is targeted to a community of entrepreneurs that want to grow their network of collaborators, broadcast their services, and share professional insight to a target demographic of professionals. SetSchedule also provides real-time connections between home shoppers and top local agents, and the SetSchedule App goes beyond your normal business flow, by allowing you to capitalize on mutual interests, specific goals, and tons of professional resources. 


Facebook is the largest online social networking platform, with over 1 billion active users worldwide. Your brand can benefit significantly from this platform because it helps you connect with your customers and build relationships with them which ultimately helps in increasing sales and improving customer service.


Twitter has more than 500 million registered users, who tweet around 340 million times every day. It has become one of the most popular tools for marketers to engage with their customers, create brand awareness, and increase its popularity in the market.


LinkedIn is a professional social networking site with more than 187 million members worldwide. Professionals use it to connect with other professionals in their field and find new opportunities for themselves or their company. If you want to build relationships with other businesses, then this is where you should start!


Another great platform for video marketing is YouTube. If you can create a viral video, you could see your subscriber count skyrocket overnight, which means more people viewing your future videos and more potential customers for your business.

How to choose the right platform for your business

If you are looking for a way to improve your business visibility while increasing your customer base, social media marketing may be the answer you're looking for. The following tips will help you understand how you can use this form of marketing to promote your business and why it is so effective.

Identify the Purpose of Your Business

The first step in building your online presence is identifying what your company does and its purpose. It means knowing what products or services you offer and how they can benefit the customer. If this sounds like a tall order, it's not; break it down into manageable pieces.

Choose the Right Platform for Your Business

You need to choose a platform that will work with your business. For example, if you sell fashion products, Instagram would be a great platform to use because it allows you to post photos of your products and tag them with keywords that will help people find them. However, if you sell software or e-books, Facebook would probably be better because people like to share articles and links on their Facebook page.

Build a Strong Brand Identity:

You should create a strong brand identity for your business if you want to succeed in social media marketing. You can do this by creating engaging content that connects with users and also helps in generating leads and sales for your business.

Build an Audience:

Building an audience is also necessary if you want to use social media marketing effectively for your business growth. You can create an audience by sharing high-quality content regularly to help increase the user engagement rate on social media pages and profiles of your business, which will help generate more leads and sales for your business.

Create Engaging Content:

Getting your target audience's attention is vital in ensuring that they will always come back for more. It is also a way of getting them involved in your marketing campaign. Make sure that whatever content you make is engaging, creative, informative, and unique. It should address their needs and interests as well. Do not forget to include images, video, or any other multimedia in your content, as it tends to attract their attention more than just plain text does.

Stay Updated with the Latest Trends

People are always talking about what's hot and what's not on the internet, and if you don't know what they want, how can you give it to them? You need to be aware of the latest trends to create content accordingly to attract more customers.

Social business networking tips

Social business networking is an excellent way to market your business and reach out to new customers. With the right approach and some valuable tips, you can increase the number of customers on your site by a large margin.

Here are some social business networking tips to help you make the most of your website

Tip 1 - Be selective about the social networking platforms you choose:

It's essential to understand that not all social business networking platforms will suit your needs. If you post on a forum that isn't useful or relevant to your company, this will be a waste of your time.

Tip 2 - Post valuable and relevant content:

When you post on a social media network, the content must be helpful to people who view it. People will get bored quickly if you only post about sales or promotions. You need to provide exciting and entertaining information for people to take an interest in your company.

Tip 3 - Create an exciting user profile

Your user profile needs to tell people who you are and what makes you unique. It should also be professional but not too formal. You don't have to fill out your entire profile; it's worth only including the details you want people to know about you.

Tip 4 - Use a consistent tone of voice

It would help if you thought about presenting yourself on the social business network. Are you warm and friendly or professional and authoritative? Think about your business' brand values when considering how you will represent yourself online.

Tip 5 - Interact with other users in an appropriate way

Think carefully about how much time you spend interacting with other users on the site. It would help if you found a balance between posting interesting and relevant messages but without spending all day chatting online.

Tip 6 - Write engaging headlines for your posts:

Writing engaging headlines is one of the most effective ways to get more people to read your posts. Writing a title that catches their attention and makes them want to continue reading will help boost traffic to your website. You can do this by including keywords related to your business in the title of your posts or by using a catchy phrase that captures people's interest.

Tip 7 - Share your posts on multiple social networking platforms:

When you write a post on any given website, it's not just about posting something once and then forgetting about it. It would help if you kept an eye out for other sites where you can share the same information so that more people know about it. It will help increase traffic and brand awareness for your company on other sites.

Tip 8 - Don't be afraid to ask for what you want!

Don't be afraid to ask for what you want! If someone has shared something with their friends or followers that they think might interest them too (such as an article about a new product), don't hesitate to email them if they'd like to get it sent directly from your company's website.

Final Thought

Social business networking platforms are a great way to market your business. They allow you to connect with potential customers and partners, and they provide a forum for promoting your products and services. This article offers a guide to using social business networking platforms to market your business. It also offered tips on using social business networking platforms to market your business. Want to learn more about Social Business Networking, and how SetSchedule can help you grow your business? Learn more in this head-to-head comparison article

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