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Advice For Pros · January 25, 2022 · AUTHOR: Richard Tate

How to Get the Most of the SetSchedule 3.0 Update

In December of 2021, SetSchedule launched a new update, SetSchedule 3.0. A community side, allowing real estate agents to connect with other professionals in the area, in the same industry, or anywhere else in the country. It allows you to expand your contacts and connections to grow your business, you can now Ask the Pro, and Broadcast your services all directly from one marketplace App. Here is how you can get the most out of SetSchedule 3.0:

The first step the user should take is to get Verified. Building trust is key when networking, so it's important to become a pillar of knowledge within your professional network. You can achieve this by completing your profile and applying your verification badge to your account as soon as possible. This lets prospects and collaborators know you’re serious about your business and the connections you wish to make. You’ll want to connect with other users by first uploading a profile picture, giving a brief introduction of who you are and what you’re there to accomplish. 

In the community 3.0 update, Not only will the user be able to meet other professionals in the area but also allow you to Ask the Pro. For example; if you are a newer agent that may have questions in the industry, you will now have access to thousands of other professionals happy to answer your questions. Through this feature, you’ll be able to pick your industry, choose your geolocation, and receive feedback without the hassle of other things trying to distract you. 

Another feature of the SetSchedule community 3.0 is the ability to Broadcast your message. Through geo-targeting, you can make sure your messages are seen by only those you want. You simply choose your desired area, city, or state and find the professionals you want to broadcast your message to. For example; If an agent has a client that needs servicing outside of the area, or maybe speaks a different language, they can simply broadcast that referral to that particular area, and network with a professional in the targeted area.

By taking advantage of these tools from SetSchedule 3.0, will allow you, as a professional, to really streamline your business without all of the other fluff that may be involved on other social media platforms. If you’re an interior decorator, loan officer, mortgage owner, or even a Realtor, download SetSchedule in the App Store or Play Store or you may visit to learn more and utilize this tool for your business in 2022.

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