Open House Manager

Goodbye Pen, Paper, and Sign in Sheets

Say goodbye to the paper and pen sign up sheets and say hello to the SetSchedule Open House Interface Ecosystem. By loading your active listings, you’ll be able to utilize a paperless sign up sheet for your open house visitors. Simply provide the address, add your description, load your images and utilize the interface to allow your future prospects to sign in. Your visitors will also receive a virtual pamphlet of your open house directly as an email.

List an Open House
Mobile SetSchedule Open House interface for real estate agents

Stay on top of the Event, Prospect Information.

Receive real time notifications of visitors that sign into your open houses giving you the opportunity to greet them. Registered visitor’s information is saved so you can follow up and continue the conversation after. Convert visitors to future clients directly through the Open House ecosystem and manage your follow ups through your CRM.

Desktop version of the SetSchedule Open House prospect information feature

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